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with Concentration in Applied Behaviour Analysis

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Program Overview

This program is a collaborative initiative by SFU, Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, Department of Psychology and Douglas College, Faculty of Child, Family and Community Studies.

Students will graduate with a B.A., Psychology Major with Concentration in Applied Behaviour Analysis (granted by SFU) and with an Advanced Citation in Disability and Applied Behaviour Analysis (granted by Douglas College and used as transfer credit towards the SFU degree).

This degree will benefit students who have otherwise been pursuing their interests through major/minor combinations and work experience.  These students are better accommodated by an interdisciplinary program with specific focus on standards in this specialized field.  Students graduate with a broad background in psychology together with practical skills in Applied Behaviour Analysis.

This program also benefits the community by increasing the level of expertise in practitioners of Applied Behaviour Analysis.  The availability of formal, post-secondary ABA training as part of an SFU degree provides a valuable alternative to families and practitioners.  It provides baccalaureate level courses required for certification of practitioners at the Assistant Behavior Analyst level.

Graduates of this degree will be well prepared to move on to:

  • Employment in careers in applied behavior analysis (ABA) and autism spectrum disorder (ASD) support and treatment
  • Behavior Analyst Certification Board® (BACB) certification as an Assistant Behavior Analyst (after successfully completing the required experience  hours and an examination)
  • Graduate degrees in Counseling and/or Education
  • Graduate degrees in Psychology


Program Declaration Requirements for SFU students

Program declaration at SFU

After declaration of the Psychology Major at SFU, students are eligible for the Concentration option. Students would declare into the concentration after program admission at Douglas College.

To declare, please email the Psychology Advisor at with a copy of your Advising Transcript.   

Program Admission at Douglas College

Students must meet the Douglas College General Admission Requirements, Category B. Applicants must be in good standing in the 3rd or 4th year of the degree at SFU.


Graduation Requirements

The Bachelor of Arts, Psychology Major with Concentration in Applied Behaviour Analysis, consists of a minimum of 120 credits including 45 upper division credits, of which 36 are upper division psychology (21 from SFU and 15 from Douglas), plus other requirements for graduation as set by the Psychology Department and the University.

The Honours option consists of a minimum of 120 credit hours including 60 Upper Division credits, of which 50 are Upper Division Psychology including PSYC 300W, 301, 490, 499, and PSYC 4XX-15, plus other requirements for graduation as set by the Psychology Department and the University. See the Psychology Undergraduate Advisor for further information.

General detailed requirements:

BA, Psyc Major with Concentration in Applied Behaviour Analysis

Lower Division    
PSYC 100, 102, 201, 210
PSYC 221, 241, 250
Upper Division    
PSYC 300, 308, 356, 371
Psychology Electives
DABA courses (see "PSYC 4XX-15", below)
EDUC 315 and 422
Electives, any subject, upper division
Upper or Lower Division    
Breadth (B-Hum, B-Sci, B-Soc & undesignated)
Electives, any subject, any level
Total Minimum credits (required for degree)  


PSYC 4XX - 15 – Courses to be taken at Douglas College are:

DACS 5111 Disability in Context
or DACS 3430 ASD Across the Lifespan
DACS 5121  Applied Behaviour Analysis: Basic Principles
DACS 5112  ASD Community of Practice I
DACS 5122  ABA: Behavioural Techniques
DACS 5113  ASD Community of Practice II
DACS 5123  ABA: Research and Applications

The DABA courses offered through Douglas College are certified by the Behaviour Analyst Certification Board® (BACB), and taught by BACB-certified BCBA instructors.  This program enables students to fulfill the coursework component of the “Board Certified Assistant Behavior Analyst”. No experience hours (required for BACB certification) are offered by Douglas College or SFU at this time.  Students arrange their own supervision which must not begin until the first day of Douglas College classes.

Students must take all of the required courses (and achieve a "C" or better) in order to receive block transfer credit back to SFU. No partial credit is allowed.


Other Information

  • Students are encouraged to consider completing the Minor in Learning and Developmental Disabilities in the Faculty of Education.
  • University WQB Requirements:
    • Writing –  the W requirement is normally satisfied by PSYC 201 and 300.
    • Quantitative – the Q requirement is normally satisfied by PSYC 201 and 210.
    • Breadth – Students are required to take 18 designated breadth (6 B-Sci, 6 B-Soc, and 6 B-Hum) and 6 undesignated breadth credits, which are satisfied by elective courses outside psychology.
  • As per SFU’s transfer credit procedures, students may transfer from BC colleges or universities to enroll into this program.
  • Students in this program are eligible for student financial assistance. Please see information sheet here: Applied Behaviour Analysis Financial Aid and Awards


Douglas College Information

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Lori Woods, Program Coordinator