Undergraduate Student Advising Information

SFU Admission

  • For all admission and transfer credit queries
  • Newly admitted students are undeclared

SFU Academic Advising  - for newly admitted students

If you need some help, you are welcome to contact an Academic Advisor as follows:

  • If you have <60 credits and are undeclared
    – please see a SFU Academic Advisor 
  • If you have 60+ credits and are unsure what program to declare
    – please see an Advisor at Arts Central 
  • If you are declared into a program in Psychology
    – please see below

How to declare - Students must contact the Advisor to declare before the enrollment periods (March 1, July 1 and November 1)

Psychology Undergraduate Advising 

Robert C Brown 5253

When you come see me, please bring a hard copy of your Advising Transcript.

Advising on May 29 is cancelled. 


Drop-in Advising Hours 

  • Tuesdays and Wednesdays | 10am - 12pm & 1pm - 4pm
  • No appointments are accepted during these times
  • Graduation checks - you must have a hardcopy of your advising transcript 

Advising Appointments (30 minute blocks) 

  • Thursdays | 10am - 12pm & 1pm - 4pm
  • Email me at least 48 hours in advance to make an appointment (attach your advising transcript)


Student Responsibility

Each student is responsible for ensuring that his or her academic choices meet the requirements for graduation. All requirements are outlined in the SFU Calendar, which is available online. Please note that the SFU Calendar is considered the authority for official information, therefore we recommend that students refer to the calendar for information pertaining to Program Requirements, including course prerequisites.

To check your status in a Psychology Program, refer to the requirements under Programs on the Psychology website Undergraduate Studies page. Each program includes a link to a PDF checklist to help you.