The SFU Psychology Podcast is a student-led project that aspires to facilitate a deeper connection and familiarization amongst the SFU Psychology community through storytelling. Throughout this series, we talk with various department members, such as students, alumni, and faculty, about topics in psychology, research interests, student experiences, and much more. Please email for more information. 

On today's episode, recent SFU Psychology graduate, Anurada Amarasekera shares with us a little about her honours thesis, which investigated the relationship between gratitude and prosocial behaviour. Anurada's research interests have focused on improving resilience and well being in traditionally underserved populations.

If you’d like to get in touch with Anurada, you can email her at or find out more about her research at the Helping and Happiness Lab.


Have you ever wondered what goes on at the SFU Close Relationships Lab? Get a glimpse into some of the research that the lab members are currently working on, which includes open relationships, consensual nonmonogamy, how couples go about discussing sexual problems, and how relationships fared during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Want to learn more? Check out the labs webpage and follow them on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook @sfuCRLlab

Knowing what to do to enhance your undergraduate experience can be a challenging endeavour to embark on, especially fresh out of online learning. Angie Fan, recent SFU psychology alumni, shares her story about her involvement as an undergraduate. During her undergraduate career, Angie was a FASS peer mentor, research assistant and honours student. Along with being a skating coach, Angie is now a lab manager at Dr.Aknin's Helping and Happiness Lab.

Today we are joined by Dr. Kate Slaney, a tenured professor and associate dean for the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences. We were lucky enough to have Kate on the show today to hear a bit about her research interests, which include the historical and conceptual analysis of methodological approaches within psychological science, the philosophy of psychological science and theoretical and applied psychometrics.  

Interested in learning more about Dr. Slaney's work? Follow this link to learn more about her research space: Studies in Methodology and Philosophy of Psychological Science Lab