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If you are wondering what GIS is all about we have gathered together here some introductory information on GIS from ESRI's web site. For a quick guided tour enter here...


The SFU library has negotiated several site licenses for the use of GIS software for academic purposes. Follow the links to obtain further information on the software and how to obtain it:

Software Application Manufacturer

Idrisi GIS Clark Labs
ArcGIS, ArcView, ArcInfo ESRI, ESRI Canada

Data Sources.

The RDL as part of it's data collection has many data files that can be used for GIS applications. You may search our catalog to see if we have data for your GIS project. Or visit the Research Data Library/Maps office on the 7th floor of the Library.

For further information about GIS resources or geocoded data contact:
Walter Piovesan  Maps/Data/GIS 291-5869 or

Links for Further Information on Data & Software.

Internet GIS Resources

GIS in Government

GIS at Universities

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