Federal department of Fisheries and Oceans Canada (DFO) members of the Cooperative Resource Management Institute

Michael Bradford
Research Scientist, Adjunct Professor, School of Resource and Environmental Management
Phone: (604) 666-7912
Dr. Bradford is a quantitative ecologist who has worked on salmon population dynamics, including the effects of human activities on salmon-producing lakes and streams.Examples include the effects of water-flow reductions on salmon in the Nechako River, the life history of chinook salmon in the Fraser River watershed, causes of population cycles in abundance of salmon, and the productivity of coho salmon in fresh water. Dr. Bradford did a risk analysis for coho salmon that became a part of the scientific basis for the 1998 changes to the B.C. salmon fishery. Ongoing projects include: (1) field research on the biology of chinook salmon in the Yukon watershed, and the effects of placer gold mining on Yukon streams, (2) a meta-analytical model for managing coho salmon, and (3) the development of a management model for temperature effects on Fraser River sockeye salmon.

Steve Macdonald
Research Scientist, DFO
Head Environment and Aquaculture Research Section, DSO CAER - West Vancouver
Adjunct Professor, REM and Faculty of Forestry, UBC
Phone: (604) 666-7910
Dr. Macdonald’s primary research interests are trophic ecology and habitat science. His research investigates ecosystem processes in watersheds subjected to development pressures in the interior of B.C. He has also developed ecosystem based stock assessment models for migrating salmon.

David Patterson
Research Biologist
Phone: (604) 666-5671
Mr. Patterson is the head of the Fraser River Environmental Watch Program, which monitors and forecasts Fraser River water conditions and researches the impact of environmental conditions on migratory and reproductive success of adult sockeye salmon. Science advice is provided to fisheries managers to assist in the prediction of en-route loss and pre-spawning mortalities associated with adverse river conditions.

Daniel Selbie
Research Scientist, and Head of the Lakes Research Group, Fisheries and Oceans Canada

Bret van Poorten