About REM

Our mission is to improve sustainable resource and environmental practices by advancing, applying, and disseminating relevant knowledge and expertise to meet that objective.

The School of Resource and Environmental Management (REM) provides an opportunity for interdisciplinary research and education on natural resource and environmental issues of local, national, and international interest. REM offers graduate programs in various areas of resource and environmental management and a selection of undergraduate courses that can complement a wide array of undergraduate degrees at SFU.

The degree programs are intended for individuals with undergraduate training and experience in fields such as biology, engineering, chemistry, forestry, and geology, as well as business administration, economics, geography, planning, and other social sciences.

Graduate students take an integrated sequence of courses, pursue further complementary courses in their area of specialization, and complete a research project on a topic involving more than one traditional discipline.

The aim is to give students increased familiarity and competence in:
    • understanding the dynamics of natural resources,
    • the strategies and techniques of natural resource and environmental planning, decision making and management, and
    • the biological, physical, social, economic, and institutional implications of resource and environmental management decisions.

The varied research programs carried out at the School and ongoing interactions with public agencies and private organizations provide essential complements to the graduate curriculum.

REM faculty, students, and post-doctoral fellows frequently participate in national and international conferences, serve as officers in professional organizations, and provide editorial reviews for academic and professional editorial boards. They also provide advisory services to boards and governments, professional organizations, international agencies, and private groups. Much of the research done at the School is at the forefront of resource and environmental management.