A Brief History of REM

The School of Resource and Environmental Management (REM) is one of the first multidisciplinary programs in resource management to have been developed in Canada. In 1979, REM was created to offer an interdisciplinary professional Master’s degree (M.R.M.) that focused on natural resource management. For the most part, the program relied on faculty from other departments and individuals from outside the University to teach many of its original courses. Faculty members were added slowly but steadily and in 1990 the M.R.M. program was renamed the School of Resource and Environmental Management in conjunction with a move from Interdisciplinary Studies to the Faculty of Applied Science.

Though our interdisciplinary program has retained its core mandate and overall curriculum philosophy, we have expanded our range of academic programs, research activities, faculty and staff complement substantially as both our disciplines and the university context in which we work have changed. We now offer interdisciplinary programs that lead to a Master’s degree (M.R.M.) in Resource and Environmental Management, and a Ph.D. degree in Resource and Environmental Management.

Beginning in 2005, REM offers a planning stream within the Master’s program which leads to a “Master degree in Resource and Environmental Management (Planning)”, which is certified by the Canadian Institute of Planners. Currently, REM has 15.25 full time faculty equivalents and over 100 graduate students enrolled, with 25-30+ new graduate students entering in each annual cohort.

In the spring of 2009 the Faculty of Environment (FENV) came into being at SFU.  With REM as a core founding member, we made the move from Applied Science to the new Faculty of Environment. We look forward to the new opportunities this move will bring both to REM and SFU as a whole.

In 2015, the Bachelor of Environment (BEnv) degree was created with three new majors, including Resource and Environmental Management. Student enrollment has quickly passed the initial targets as the REM major has become a popular choice for environmental studies at SFU. REM also offers a REM Minor that can complement a wide range of degrees at SFU.