The COPE wet laboratory

The COPE wet laboratory is equipped to conduct sedimentological, micropaleontological, and geochemical analyses on marine sediments for the reconstruction of past oceanic conditions. Equipment includes a UIC Coulometer with CO2 acidification module, a Costech CNS Elemental Analyzer, a Hach D5000 Spectrophotometer, drying ovens, sonifying baths, centrifuge, and two high-precision Mettler-Toledo microbalances.

The COPE Dry laboratory

The COPE Dry laboratory laboratory holds a large database server which houses all data generated in the wet laboratory, paleo databases, and the Integrated Surface Hourly database, containing meteorological station data from over 14,000 stations globally. The laboratory also holds multiple workstations dedicated to student research. It also contains a workplace with a Zeiss binocular microscope, dedicated to microfossil and charcoal sediment processing.

The COPE laboratory was funded by grants to KEK via an NSERC Discovery Grant, an NSERC CFI grant, and startup funds from Simon Fraser University.