Group Leader

Karen E. Kohfeld, Professor, Earth System Science.  After getting her Ph.D. in Earth Sciences at Columbia University (New York), she spent seven years as a researcher in Europe (Lund University, Sweden, and Max Planck Institute for Biogeochemistry, Jena, Germany). After a brief return to the USA as an assistant professor at Queens College in New York City,  she joined the School of Resource and Environmental Management as a Canada Research Chair (II) in Climate, Resources, and Global Change (2006-2017). She is now professor and head of the Climate, Oceans, and Paleo-Environments (COPE) Laboratory.

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Current Students

Doctoral Students

Thomas (Tommy) Rodengen (2010-present), Doctoral Student, MRM10 SFU, B.A., University of St. Thomas, St. Paul, MN, USA. Tommys research examines historical changes in carbon storage in lakes from parks in western Canada. When not in the COPE lab he enjoys ultimate frisbee, flying kites, hiking and watching clouds. Email.

Ellie Simpson (2015-present), Doctoral Student, M.S., University of Reading, Reading, UK.  Ellie has joined the COPE lab in Fall, 2015, to investigate the variability in coastal ocean acidification in the northern parts of the Strait of Georgia.

Masters Students

Stephen Chastain, MRM Candidate (2014-present).  Carbon cycling in coastal salt marshes on Vancouver Island. (Currently in co-op position with Vancouver Aquarium.)

Maija Gailis, MRM Candidate (2016-present). Carbon accumulation rates in tidal wetlands of the Fraser and Columbia River Estuaries.  

Ben Hudson, MRM Candidate (2016-present).  Effects of climate-induced disturbance on forest carbon accounting in British Columbia (currently in co-op position with Natural Resources Canada).

Bronwyn Lira Dyson, MRM Candidate (2017-present).  Climate and fire histories in the Lower Fraser Valley for the last 10,000 years.

Ross McCarter, (2012-present), MRM Student. Changes in surface wind speed behavior during drought periods in the mid-continental USA. Email.

Aimee McGowan, (2015-present), MRM Student. Blue carbon cycling in Seagrass ecosystems on the Pacific Coast of Canada (Currently in Co-op position with BC Ministry of Agriculture).

Evie Morin, (2017-present), MRM Candidate. Assessing effects of coastal acidification in shellfish hatcheries in the northern Salish Sea. 

Willem Peters, MRM Candidate (2016-present).  Assessing microplastic contamination in sand lance habitat in the Salish Sea.  

Victoria Postlethwaite, (2015-present), MRM Candidate. Blue carbon cycling in eelgrass ecosystems on the Pacific Coast of Canada (currently in co-op position with Fisheries and Oceans, Canada).

COPE Laboratory Alumni

Graduate Students

Dr. Joe Bailey, Ph.D. 16, Investigating the spatial correlations between wind and precipitation variability in the Pacific Northwest, and their implications for renewable energy usage. Current Position: Future Cities, London, UK

Celeste Barlow, MRM '17. B.Sc., Historical changes in fire activity in Garry Oak ecosystems on the Gulf Islands, BC. Now at BC Agricultural Land Commission.

Brian Bylhouwer, MRM 12. Historical changes in upwelling winds off the coast of Vancouver Island. Current position: Environmental Scientist, Stantec, Halifax, NS.

Ben Cross, MRM 14, Impacts of wind speed variability in relation to hydro-electric reservoir inflows on wind power in the Pacific Northwest. Current position: BC Water Stewarship Office.

Carolyn Duckham, MRM 13, Impact of ocean acidification and lime addition on Pacific oyster larvae.

Brad Griffin, MRM '10. Historical changes in wind speed behavior in the Lower Mainland. Current position: Executive Director, Canadian Industrial Energy End-Use Data and Analysis Centre (CIEEDAC), SFU.

Sinead Murphy, MRM (Planning) '16.  5000-year fire history in the Strait of Georgia lowlands, southwestern British Columbia. Current Position: Senior Policy Analyst, Metro Vancouver.

Christie Spry, MRM 13, Understanding changes in extreme storm and precipitation behavior in the Pacific Northwest using historical and proxy tree ring data. Current Position: Environment Canada.

Elizabeth (Liz) Sutton, MRM 11. Hydrometeorological influences on debris flows in Chilliwack, BC. Current employment: Land-use planner, BC Agricultural Land Commission.

Tommy Rodengen, MRM 09. Simulating effects of liquid CO2 injection in the global ocean using the GENIE model. Current position: Doctoral candidate, SFU REM program.

LA Stavroff, MS 14, Royal Roads University.  Multistressor effects of temperature and elevated CO2 concentrations on larval development in the purple Pacific sea urchin. Current employment: Maxxam Analytics.

Undergraduate Students

Celeste Barlow (2010-2011). NSERC USRA, elemental analysis of carbon
Jessica Fickell (2013). Sediment processing
Minjoo Kang (2011-2012). Sediment processing
Helen Lee (2012-2013). Sediment processing
Brad Lute (2013-2014) (NSERC USRA recipient) Sediment processing and tree ring sample preparation
Brett Marchant (2011-2013), Sediment processing, ocean acidification experiments with Pacific oysters
Jerry Mo (2007-2008). Meteorological data analysis
Lauren Rebar (2007-2008).  Foraminifera guru
Britt Rogers (2007-2008), COPE lab charter member. Able to drop Swagelok into normal conversation.
Hafsa Salihue (2011-2013), Ocean acidification experiments with Pacific oysters.
Jasleen Singh (2013), Computer Science, SFU, Sediment processing and foraminifera identification.
Kinson Yu (2009-2010) Microfossil identification and weighing.

High School Interns

COPE Lab Charter Members Britt Rogers and Karen Kohfeld worked with High School Students Lea Lewis (far right) and Marie Lane (to the left of Lea) in the primordial version of the COPE laboratory in Summer, 2007.  They were among the first lab members to process sediment samples, spending countless hours in front of the microscope identifying planktonic foraminifera and washing mud through screens.