Policies & Handbooks

Transfer Credits
REM students may not transfer credits earned at another institution to count towards their degree in REM with the exception of the Western Deans’ Agreement and a Course Waiver. Courses taken as part of a qualifying year or as a non-degree seeking student cannot be counted towards the required course work for the M.R.M. degree.

Western Deans’ Agreement
Western Canadian Deans’ Agreement allows graduate students to take graduate courses at participating universities in Western Canada. Graduate students from SFU are required to pay tuition fees to Simon Fraser University only and do not have to pay additional tuition fees at the host university. REM students can receive transfer credits for courses from participating universities. However, SFU will only recognize a minimum grade of B for transfer credit. The grade achieved will not be included in your SFU GPA. WDA application form

Course Waiver Policy
REM students can request a waiver for one required course. See Course Waiver Policy for details.

Supervisory Committee
University Regulations require that the committee be formed within the first year of a student’s program. Not all members of the supervisory committee need to be appointed at the same time. Approval of Committee and any changes to the committee need to be done by completing the approval or change form.

Supervisory Committees for M.R.M. students must have at least one committee member in addition to the senior supervisor. It is unusual to have more than 3 committee members (not counting the senior supervisor) for M.R.M. students. Please see the SFU Calendar for more details.

699 Handbook
The purpose of the 699 handbook is to provide guidelines to help both students and faculty members ensure that 699 research projects are completed successfully, within a reasonable time, and with a rigorous standard of quality.

Ph.D. Handbook
The Ph.D. handbook contains the Policies and Procedures regarding the REM Ph.D. program. REM’s policies and Procedures conform to the more general SFU Policies. General information regarding Policies and Procedures relevant to Ph.D. programs at SFU can be found at http://www.sfu.ca/dean-gradstudies/. The purpose of this document is summarize the Policies and Procedures that are specific to the REM Ph.D. program. In case of any conflict between these REM procedures and the overall SFU regulations, the University regulations have precedence.

Progress Reports
Graduate Regulation 1.8 for Master students states: “At least once each year, the Supervisory Committee will report on the student’s progress. This report will be sent, in writing, to the graduate program committee with a copy to the student. The evaluation of student progress in coursework will rely in part on their maintenance of a CGPA of 3.0, as required by graduate regulation 1.5.4.”

Current records and annual progress report forms will be generated for each student by REM once a year during the summer term and placed into student’s REM mailboxes. It is the student’s responsibility to make any necessary corrections to the information and obtain their supervisor’s signature. The progress report should be returned to REM so it can be placed in the student’s file.

REM Policy on Extension of Time Limits for Completion of Graduate Degrees
The SFU Graduate General Regulations set out time limits for graduate students to complete all of the requirements for their degree program. Students may apply for an extension if they need more time to complete (Regulation 1.12.1). The REM Policy on Extension of Time Limits for Completion of Graduate Degrees sets out the criteria that will be used by the REM graduate program chair in evaluating applications to extend the time for completion of a REM graduate degree.

REM grades explained
Policy approved by the REM Graduate Studies Committee.