November 20, 2015
Wolfgang Haider Colloquium now available on YouTube.

March 26, 2012
REM Seminar Series featuring Dr. Randy Olson’s presentation on “Storyomics: Proof that Scientists Evolved from Humans” 

September 17, 2010
REM Seminar Series featuring Dr. Bob Paine’s presentation on the “Food Webs and Conservation: Misleading Cartoons or Useful Guides to a Complex and Interactive Nature

March 12, 2009
SFU Canada Research Chairs Seminar Series featuring Dr. Randall Peterman’s presentation on the “Research for improving the understanding, conservation, and management of Pacific salmon populations.” 

October 30, 2007
Dr. Mark Jaccard: Why Carbon Taxes Matter

An interview with Dan Grice, Green Party Candidate for Vancouver Quadra, on carbon taxes and what to do about the problem.

The 2nd Inconvenient Truth
We all know Al Gore’s inconvenient truth: global warming is real. Nobel-winning professor Mark Jaccard reveals what he believes is the second inconvenient truth. Dave Michael Garg speaks with Jaccard, co-author of Hot Air: Meeting Canada’s Climate Change Challenge.