Andy Mackinnon
Andy's areas of responsibility for the Coast Forest Region Research Section include research in forest ecology and ecosystem-based management (EBM), biogeoclimatic ecosystem classification (BEC) and mapping , consultation and training in EBM and BEC, and serve on provincial and national research committees. Current research interests include natural disturbance, old-growth forests, non-timber forest products, and native plants, fungi and lichens.

Dr. Sari Saunders
M.R.M., R.P.Bio
Research Ecologist
Forests and Range Coast Forest Region Research Section
Ministry of Forests, Lands and Natural Resource Operations
Government of British Columbia
Sari’s areas of responsibility include research and consultation for the biogeoclimatic classification, and forest and landscape ecology. She is currently working with the regional Biogeoclimatic Ecosystem Classification (BEC) database to evaluate sampling needs and strategize field activities to support applications. Interests include disturbance dynamics, ecology of edges and spatial patterns of landscapes, carbon dynamics, and monitoring within human modified and nonhuman disturbed landscapes.

Andrew Fall
Dr. Andrew Fall is the president and primary researcher in Gowlland Technologies Ltd ( He is also an adjunct professor in the School of Resource and Environmental Management at SFU. His research focuses on tools and methodologies for constructing, running and visualizing spatio-temporal models of landscape dynamics. As the primary architect and developer of Spatially Explicit Landscape Event Simulator (SELES), he has been involved in a variety of landscape modelling projects in B.C., Manitoba, Québec and Finland that explore long-term spatial forest dynamics and sustainable forest management, such as the impacts of interactions between management and natural disturbance on wildlife habitat and timber supply.

Ian Giesbrecht

Morgan Hocking

Frank Brown
Director of Land and Marine Stewardship
Coastal First Nations Great Bear Initiative

Laurie Whitehead
Lands Manager
Heiltsuk Integrated Resource Management Department

Kelly Brown
Heiltsuk Integrated Resource Management Department

Daniel Gavin

Werner Kurz

Valentina Savo
Dr. Savo has three main research focuses: plant ecology, climate change and ethnobotany. These topics intertwine in her current postdoctoral research project at Simon Fraser on “First Nations Observations of and Adaptations to Climate Change in British Columbia (Canada)”. For more information please visit the Hakai webpage or her personal webpage.