Jonn Axsen

Associate Professor


  • BBA, Business Administration, First class honours, Simon Fraser University
  • MRM, Resource Management, Simon Fraser University
  • PhD, Transportation Technology and Policy, University of California, Davis

Updated CV (December 20, 2019)
Research Statement
Teaching Statement


Dr. Jonn Axsen explores transitions to sustainable energy systems. He draws from disciplines of economics, psychology, sociology and engineering to investigate the nexus of technology, environmental policy, and consumer behaviour. Jonn’s study of consumers’ social valuation of plug-in electric vehicles has earned him recognition as “Young Researcher of the Year” at the OECD’s 2011 International Transportation Forum. His specific research interests include:

  • Adoption of pro-environmental technology
  • Electric mobility and alternative fuel vehicles
  • Consumer attitudes, values, lifestyle and social influence
  • Citizen acceptance of energy and policy
  • Energy system simulation modeling
  • Climate policy design and impacts

In particular, Jonn strives to bring attention to the importance of “human” aspects of sustainable systems—understanding the attitudes, values and lifestyles of individual consumers, and how these can change. His research methods include large-scale consumer surveys, in-depth interviews and focus groups, energy-economy modeling, social network observation and analysis, discrete choice modeling, statistical analysis, factor and cluster analysis, technology assessment, and life-cycle impact analysis. His research has been funded by public and private organizations such as the California Air Resources Board, the California Energy Commission, Natural Resources Canada, and BMW. Current projects include: consumer valuation of electric-mobility and green electricity, the social transmission of information and valuation of advanced vehicle technology, individual engagement in pro-environmental lifestyle practices, and regional characterizations of electric-mobility readiness.

Jonn’s publications include:


  • Melton, N., J. Axsen, B. Moawad, (In Press). Tradeoffs in zero emissions vehicle policy: A multi-criteria evaluation framework,  Energy Research & Social Science.
  • Hammond, W., J. Axsen, and E. Kjeang (In Press). Policies to reduce GHG emissions in Canada`s freight sector, Energy Policy.



Jonn joined REM in 2011 and teaches Ecological Economics (REM-321), Sustainable Transportation Management (REM-355) and Research Methods and Modeling for Social and Technical Sustainability for graduate students (REM-658).


Future courses may be subject to change.