Graduate Publications

Anderson, Colleen
Comparing resident and visitor trail use in Jasper National Park: Implications for future management of the day-use network

Askey, Ethan
Managing Adventure Tourism in a Designated Wilderness Watershed: Towards a Growth Management Strategy

Baron, Eric
Evaluating a benthic index of biotic integrity (B-IBI) to measure ecological integrity in Pacific Rim National Park Reserve of Canada

Beardmore, Alan Ben
View from a Canoe: Modelling Wilderness Canoeists Perceptions and Preferences for Northern Ontarios Boreal Landscape

Bradshaw, Philip
Valuing Old-Growth Forests and Related Qualities in Southwest Mainland British Columbia using Contingent Choice

Brightling (Hawkins), Ann
A Carrying Capacity Model For Resort Planning and Management With A Preliminary Application to Whistler, Canada

Budke, Isabel
Aboriginal Tourism in Pacific Rim National Park Reserve: A Framework for Cooperation

Cheng, Yinan
Biosphere Reserve and Tourism Development in Chinas Five-Finger Mountain Region

Curtis, Neil
Managing Commercial Recreation on Crown Land in British Columbia: A Policy Evaluation

Davis, Alison Jeannette
An Assessment of British Columbias Strategic Management of Backcountry Recreation Resources.

Dickson, Mathew
Investigating Skier Demand for Environmentally Sustainable Ski Hill Management

Dumais, Marcie
Snapshots Into Stories: Examining the Wine Tourism Experience in the South Okanagan

Dunn, Catharine Hilary
Aboriginal Partnerships for Sustainable 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games: A Framework for Cooperation

Dutton, Greg
The Importance of Abiotic Changes on Plant and Animal Community Interactions.

Edwards-Craig, Rebekah
British Columbia Land Use Planning: Backcountry Tourism Perspectives

ElKhashab, Aliaa
Leveraging Tourism Legacies: Social Capital and the 2010 Games

Englund, Krista
Integrating GIS into Choice Experiments: An Evaluation of Land Use Scenarios in Whistler, B.C.

Eydal, Gunnar
The development of a sustainability management system for ski areas

Fellenius, Karl
Coastal Tourism Recognition in the Canadian Georgia Basin: An Analysis of Tourism Policy in Local Government Planning

Freysteinsdóttir, Ragnhildur
Identification of areas for forestry at the regional planning level in Iceland: examination of a land-use assessment method.

Gerst, Angela
Encouraging Responsible Environmental Behaviour in Parks: A Case Study of Dog Disturbance to Wildlife in Boundary Bay Regional Park.

Gjerdalen, Greig
An Evaluation of the Utility of a Whale Watching Code of Conduct

Graham, Patrick
Building Communities that Protect Urban Streams: A Case Study of the Burnaby Mountain Community Project

Greskiw, Garth
Toward an adaptive Model of Community Forest Planning: The Westbranch Valley Local Resource Use Plan

Gunn, Matthew
Out-of-Bounds Skiers and Avalanche Risk: High-Risk Cohort Identification and Characterization

Hackett, Nancy
Vines, Wines, and Visitors: A Case Study of Agricultural Diversification into Winery Tourism

Hawkes, Suzanne
Co-Management and Protected Areas in Canada: The Case of Gwaii Haanas

Heidt, Aaron
Commercial Recreation Property Rights and Security in British Columbia

Howell, Alison
Developing Quality Standards for Agritourism

Hoyle, Wayne
A Process for Developing an Environmental Code of Ethics for the Escorted Tour Industry

Hutton, Claire
Exploring Aboriginal Forestry and Ecosystem-based Management: A Case Study of Cowichan Tribes

Jackson, Siobhan Andrea
Resolving Inter-Group Conflict in Winter Recreation: Chilkoot Trail National Historic Site, British Columbia

Johnsen, Sydney
Tourism Stakeholder Perspectives on Land Use Plan Implementation

Johnson, Stuart
Managing Residential Tourism in British Columbias South Okanagan

Jones, Peter
Wildlife Viewing in Atlantic Canada: A Case Study of Constraints and Opportunities

Jones, Stefanie
Sustainable Heritage Tourism Planning in Ethiopia: An Assessment Framework

Jonsson, Olafur
Visitor Preferences for a Geothermal Pool Development: Using a Choice Experiment to Define a Product Mix

Juthans, Jeff
An Evaluation of Government/Non-government Collaboration in Marine Protected Area Development

Kelly, Joseph
An Investigation of Dematerialization Planning Options at Tourism Destinations: Technical and Behavioural Dimensions

Lack, Kathryn
Agri-tourism Development in British Columbia

Lazaruk, Heather
Evolution of a Tourism Attraction: Incorporating Conservation at the Vancouver Aquarium Marine Science Centre

Legare, Anne-Marie
The Effects of a Restrictive Management Approach on the Chilkoot Trail Visitor Population: A twelve-year Trend Study

Longland, Margo
Investigating Floodproofing Strategies for Historic Settlement Areas of the Fraser River Basin, British Columbia, Canada - A Complementary Application of Multi Attribute Decision Making and Stated Preference Discrete Choice Modelling

Macqueen, Diane
Consensus Based Decision-Making: The Clayoquot Sound Steering Committee Process

Marcoux, Julia
Community Stakeholder Influence on Corporate Environmental Strategy in Whistler, B.C.

Martin, Elisa
A Value-Chain Assessment of Wine Tourism Development in the Okanagan-Similkimeen Valley

Montgomery, Lee
Backcountry Management and Limits of Acceptable Change: A Case Study in the Yoho Valley

Moore, Jeff
Forest Values in Northern Ontario: Public Tradeoffs and Sustainability

Moore, Sean
Corporate Social Responsibility and Stakeholder Engagement: A Case Study of Affordable Housing in Whistler

Morris, Randolph
The Contribution of Outdoor-Based Recreation Opportunities to Local Economies: The Economic Impacts of Rock-climbing to the Squamish Region.

Navarro, Nestor
Public Waterfront Access: A Comparison of Integrated Coastal Management in Canada and the United States

Ness, Jennifer
Managing Stakeholder Contestation and Negotiation in Amenity Driven Land-Use Planning Organization Relationships: A Whistler Case Study

Paridaen, Margaret
Protected Areas Selection and the LRMP Process

Pharand, Carolyn
Stakeholder Involvement in Corporate Social and Environmental Strategies in Mont-Tremblant

Ponsford, Ian
The Evolving Structure of Corporate-Community Relationships: A Case Study of the Cypress Olympic Venue

Raepple, Walter
Identification and Evaluation of Conflicts which Affect Recreational Boating in the Strait of Georgia

Ray, Rahul
Assessing the spatial and resource management implications of cruise ship tourism on British Columbias North Coast

Reilly, Jennifer
Building Future Tourism Environments: Towards More Eco-Efficient Destination Transportation Systems

Rose, Michelle
Strengthening Evaluation Practice in Environmental Non-Governmental Organizations in the Lower Mainland

Rudolphi, Wictoria
Multi Criteria Decision Analysis as a Framework for Integrated Land Use Management in Canadian National Parks

Sadoway, David
Searching for antidotes to globalization: Local institutions at Mongolias Sacred Bogd Khan Mountain

Sangret (Saprowich), Marcy
Managing Commercial Recreation in Canadian National Parks: A Policy Assessment

Saremba, John
Evaluating Public Involvement in Provincial Park Planning: A Case Study of Garibaldi Park

Semeniuk, Christina
Unifying Ecological and Social Sciences into a management Framework for Wildlife-Based Tourism: A Case Study of Feeding Stingrays as a Marine Tourism Attraction in the Cayman Islands.

Shapiro, Katherine
Whale watch passengers preferences for tour attributes and marine management in Maui, Hawaii

Smith, Kim Cherie (MCleod)
Tourism Product Development: A Case Study of Wildlife Viewing in the Squamish Valley

Speck, Esther
Organizational Change: A Case Study of the Fairmont Chateau Whistler Environmental Sustainability Program

Symko, Christina Lynn
Watershed Management Planning in a Mountain Resort Community: A Case Study of Whistlers Crabapple Creek

Taccogna, Gary
The Economic Value of Recreation in the Seymour River Corridor: A Comparison of Developed and Protected River Reaches Using the Travel Cost Method

Taylor, Robin
The Use of a Marine Mammal Reserve by Researchers and Photographers

Thompson, Shelagh
Assessing water resource management in a small island lifestyle community.

Todd, Susan
An Environmental Management System (EMS) Framework for Ski Areas

Tompkins, Lucy
Heritage Sites in British Columbia: Visitor Management

Tremblay, Danie
Western Canadas Environmental Tourism Product: French Traveler Perspectives

Underhill, Donna
An Interpretive Strategy for the Fraser River Estuary

von Gaza, Katie
Carbon Offsetting in a Tourism Context: Whistler, BC.

Waldron, David
An Environmental Sustainability Strategy for Tourism Communities: The Case of Whistler, B.C.

Wark, Robyn
Tourism Growth Management: An examination of Opportunities for Salt Spring Island, B.C.

Whittall, Stephen
Planning and Management of the Multiple Ownership Recreational River Corridor: A Case Study of the Ottawa River

Wilde, Tim Gerard
Public participation in the environmental assessment of the Jumbo Glacier Ski Area proposal

Williams, Marilyn
Growth Management in Community Tourism Planning

Wilson, Diane
Cooperative Relationships Between First Nations and Tourism Operators on British Columbias North Coast

Wornell, Heather
Laying Down Routes: An Evaluation of the Greater Vancouver Regional Districts Regional Recreation Greenway Program

Xu, Angela
The Changing Nature of Corporate - Environmental Non-Governmental

Yarnell, Patrick
Implementing an ISO 14001 environmental management system: A case study of environmental training and awareness at the Vancouver International Airport Authority

Zukiwsky, Jeff
Understanding and Managing the Effects of Residential Tourism on Fernies Quality of Life