Pascal Haegeli

  • MSc, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology ETHZ, Zurich, Switzerland
  • PhD, University of British Columbia, Vancouver, BC

Dr. Pascal Haegeli is a renowned expert in avalanche safety research working on projects in Canada and worldwide. His primary research and development interests lie at the interface between the natural and social sciences and his objective is to conduct interdisciplinary research and develop evidence-based tools that assist backcountry recreationists and avalanche professionals to make better informed decision when preparing for and travelling in avalanche terrain. To address these challenges, Dr. Haegeli and his research team employ approaches and methods from a wide variety of fields including atmospheric science, snow science, geography, GIS, risk analysis, decision-making science, communication, psychology, sociology, accident analysis, public health and medicine.

Some of the highlights of his research and development activities include the development of the Avaluator, a decision aid for amateur recreationists travelling in avalanche terrain, an examination of the effectiveness of avalanche airbags and the complete redesign of the InfoEx, the daily information exchange among Canadian avalanche safety operations. Based on his professional and volunteer activities within the Canadian and international avalanche communities over the last decade, he has an extensive professional network abroad as well as long-standing and strong relationships with all of the Canadian stakeholders.

Master Students


Recent Alumni / Graduates

David Angus
BA, Anthropology, University of Victoria
David completed his undergraduate degree in Anthropology at the University of Victoria. During his undergraduate and for three seasons after graduation, David worked as a Captain aboard various whale watching vessels around the Victoria area. His experience there fostered a deep concern for the natural world and the impacts of tourism on it. He spent the next year working as a tourism consultant in Chile before returning to Canada, to pursue his studies at REM. Working under Dr. Wolfgang Haiders supervision, Davids main interests are land use planning and economic valuation of public goods. His project is a SSHRC funded cross Canada analysis of the willingness to pay for environmental goods and services produced by watersheds. The project will help improve efficiencies in federal payment for environmental services programs as well as be useful in cost benefit analysis studies. David spends his spare time skiing, kite surfing, and playing beer league hockey in the winter and ultimate in the summer.

Tyson Daoust
Tyson graduated from Saint Marys University in Halifax, Nova Scotia with a honours degree in Geography, where he focused on environmental management and physical processes. His honours research focused on improving the efficiency and capacity of community-based environmental water monitoring groups and has translated into his research findings being incorporated into the planning strategies of a number of environmental monitoring groups.
Tyson is completed a masters degree in resource and environmental management from Simon Fraser University, with Dr. Wolfgang Haider. Their research focused on marine conservation planning and management in the Canadian Arctic, Tyson spent time in a number of Inuit communities conducting field research. In addition to marine resource planning, Tyson is interested in tourism planning and community economic development and water issues in the developing world.

Aliaa Elkhashab
Aliaa joined REM to pursue an interdisciplinary Masters degree with a focus on sustainable tourism, stakeholder engagement and community development. Her masters thesis Leveraging Tourism Legacies: Social Capital and the 2010 Games examined the role of the 2010 Winter Olympic and Paralympic Games in building the social capital and associated competitive capacity of the host destination communities and their organizations. Her specific investigation explores the extent to which preparations for the Games have shaped the planning activities of the host tourism destination management organizations DMO and their staff -especially those organizations involved in the 2010 Tourism Consortium. Aliaa received various awards for her academic contributions including: the TTRA (Travel and Tourism Research Association) Merit Student Award (2010); the PIBC (Planning Institute of BC) Education Committee Student Fellowship Award (2010); 2010 Learning Legacies Contest (First Prize); and the Pat Corbett Leadership Award (2009) BC Link.
Prior to entering REM, Aliaa earned a masters degree in Tourism Management, Education and Training from the Euro-Arab Management School, Spain. Before coming to Vancouver, Aliaa has held a variety of employment positions, including Teaching Associate with the Arab Academy for Science, Technology and Maritime Transport; Tour Operator with Misr Travel ; and Event Organizer. Aside from education and work experience, Aliaa like to explore new cultures, enjoy travelling and outdoor activities.

Stu Johnson
Stu earned a BA in Geography from SFU in 2007. His masters work focused on the impacts of residential tourists in BCs Okanagan Valley. Although his academic interests are varied, his work in REM has largely examined land use changes and the planning strategies of local governments in rural tourism destinations. Outside of REM academia he is an avid reader of all things controversial and/ or technological. He is also a closet writer of poetry and prose, plays several musical instruments, and cautiously expresses a techno-optimists view towards too many issues.

Shannon Jones
B.ASc., Kinesiology, University of Lethbridge
Shannon is a graduate from the University of Lethbridge with a Bachelors degree in Kinesiology. After graduation, Shannon moved to South Korea for two years to teach English and pursue her passion for travel. After completing her contract as an English teacher, she embarked on a yearlong trip, visiting Asia, Africa, Europe, and Iceland. During her travels Shannon became concerned with the sustainability of the tourism industry and made the decision to come to SFU to study this billion-dollar industry. The goal of Shannons research is to identify the threats climate change will have on ski tourism operations in Vancouvers Coast and Mountain Region and determine how policy makers and tourism operators are currently responding. In her free time Shannon enjoys rock climbing, hiking, canoeing, sailing, and skiing.

Stefanie Jones
BComm, Concordia University
Before coming to REM, Stefanie earned a Bachelors degree in Marketing at Concordia University in the beautiful city of Montreal. After working as a public relations consultant for a number of years, Stefanie packed her suitcases and moved to Vancouver to study at SFU. While interested in many environmental topics, her main realm of research is community-based, sustainable and pro-poor tourism. In the summer of 2010, Stefanie travelled to Ethiopia with Dr. Catherine DAndrea of the archaeology department to study the tourism readiness of multiple sites of cultural heritage. More specifically, under the supervision of Dr. Peter Williams and supported by the SSHRC, she is building a planning tool to evaluate the market appeal, the site fragility, and the community readiness of a cultural heritage site for tourism. The tool can be used a framework for decision-making within the larger context of tourism development. Stefanie is trying to soak up the most of Vancouver she can through hiking and biking in and around the city, but she still gets her dose of Montreal through her feral love affair with Montreal-style bagels.

Ani Kaltcheva
Bulgarian born and bred, and Vancouver seasoned, Ani Kaltcheva has a unique multidisciplinary background with a synergy that combines two of her passions - the fields of Interior architecture & design and environmental sustainability. She graduated in the top of her class with a Master Degree in Agro Ecology from Burgas Free University, Bulgaria. In addition, she received a formal training in Interior architecture & design from the British Columbia Institute of Technology and the Art Institute of Vancouver. Her rare background led her to the opportunity of joining REM and the Centre for Tourism, Policy and Research at SFU. Ani works closely with Dr. Peter Williams, studying the nature of geotourism destinations and the importance of visitors experiences at such places.

Adam King
B.ASc., Environment and Business, University of Waterloo
Adam is currently studying recreational fishing in the Okanagan fisheries region in British Columbia. Adam is originally from Ontario and has a Bachelors degree from the University of Waterloo in Environment and Business. In life after REM Adam hopes to work in either the National Parks system in Canada or in the Ontario Provincial Parks system.

Philip Stoker
B.Sc., Environmental Management, University of Redlands, California.
Philip Stoker hails from Salt Lake City, Utah, and completed a B.Sc. in Environmental Management at the University of Redlands, California. Currently, Philip is working on a research project on the Chilkoot Trail where he is examining the impacts of cruise ship tourism on remote destinations. Other research interests include coyote habitat use in Joshua Tree National Park, California; local involvement in tourism to Amboselli National Park, Kenya; and alternative uses of forests in Haida Gwaii, BC. When not enjoying studying, Philip plays an active role in Vancouvers local music scene, performing with several local bands and leading the SFU school jazz band. He also enjoys fly fishing the nearby BC rivers and snowboarding at Whistler.

Amy Suess
B.Sc., Global Resource Systems, University of British Columbia.
Amy Suess completed her Bachelor of Science in Global Resource Systems at the University of British Columbia. Prior to coming to SFU in September 2010 she worked for the BC dairy industry and the Ministry of Agriculture and Lands as an Agrologist. Currently she is working with Dr. Wolfgang Haider and her main study interest is resource and land use planning for agriculture in British Columbia. Amy loves open water swimming and is part owner of a small vegetable farm in the Fraser Valley.

Amy Thede
B.E.S, Honours Geography, University of Waterloo
Amys main areas of interest are in land use and protected areas planning and management. Her research project focuses on zoning policy in National Parks and the use of spatial conservation optimization as a tool to inform zoning in Gulf Islands National Park Reserve. Amy completed her Bachelor of Environmental Studies at the University of Waterloo in Honours Geography. During her undergrad work she focused on physical geography, environmental assessment and protected areas planning. She was also able to gain a variety of work experience through the co-operative education program. Upon graduating Amy worked as a municipal planner and then developing management plans as planner for Ontario Parks. In her spare time she enjoys being outdoors, seeking out good music and beer, and being a self-taught photographer. Amy hails from small town Ontario and is surprised at how much she is enjoying living in the big city of Vancouver.

Sandra Warren
B.Sc.,Wildlife Biology, McGill University
Ecological Technology, Vanier College, Qc.
Sandra Warren comes to REM with a Bachelors degree in Wildlife Biology from McGill University and an Ecological Technology degree from Vanier College, Qc. Her main areas of interest are land use planning and the human dimensions of species conservation and management. Her research at REM focuses on the use value of grey whales and the willingness-to-pay of whale watchers for distant habitat protection in Mexico. During her undergraduate degree, Sandra conducted research on parrotfish coral grazing within the Bellairs Marine Reserve (Barbados) and participated in various projects relating to two invasive species. Upon graduating, Sandra spent two months backpacking in South America and enjoying learning about the various cultures. In her spare time, she likes to explore the outdoors, go rock climbing, swimming, and sailing.

Carlos Zavarce
Environmental Geography, Nipissing University
Bachelors of Education, Nipissing University
Carlos completed his Undergraduate degree in Environmental Geography with a certificate in Geomatics as well as a Bachelors of Education degree from Nipissing University in North Bay, Ontario. His main interests are in tourism policy and planning specifically the changes in governance structures within the Resort Municipality of Whistler. The goal of his 699 is to conduct an empirical study to understand the different factors that lead to the adoption of sustainability legislature within the RMOW. The project will be a part of a larger study designed to better understand how to best facilitate shifts to sustainability in resort governance structures. He is working with Dr. Alison Gill. Carlos is an avid mountain biker, skier, snowboarder and outdoor enthusiast.

Jeff Zukiwsky
Originally from Edmonton, Jeff left the prairies 10 years ago to pursue a life and career in the mountains of BC. He holds an adventure travel guide diploma (with mountain specialization) and a Bachelor of Tourism Management Degree (major in adventure and international development) from Thompson Rivers University in Kamloops. Jeff graduated from REM (MRM) in 2010 where his project focused on understanding and managing the impacts and tourism and migration on the mountain community of Fernie. Throughout his academic career Jeff received various awards and scholarships, including the PIBC (Planning Institute of BC) Education Committee Student Fellowship Award (2009), the BCAA Environmental Studies in Transportation Award (2008), and a research scholarship to explore tourism development and poverty reduction in Patagonia Chile (2005).
Jeff currently resides in the East Kootenay region of BC where he owns and operates an independent consulting firm - Zumundo Consultants. His current consulting work focuses primarily on nature-based tourism development and climate change adaptation planning. Jeff is also an avid outdoor adventurer who enjoys skiing, climbing, and whitewater canoeing.