Remote Sensing and Spatial Predictive Modeling lab


At SFU's Remote Sensing and Spatial Predictive Modeling lab we use satellite data to describe physical and biological variables on the Earth's surface, and use that information to map biodiversity, the ranges of species of interest, and the susceptibility to climate change of different areas. Current remote sensing-based spatial prediction projects focus on:

  • Keystone species on tropical coral reefs
  • Coral reef resilience in Vanua Levu, Fiji
  • Deep-sea corals and sponges in Canada's oceans

Additional projects, conducted with a range of Canadian partner institutions, include:

  • Mapping of surface and air temperature in the Greater Vancouver area
  • Development of an automated cloud detection algorithm for MERIS data
  • Mapping of coastal vegetation and biofilm in southern British Columbia
  • Development of an ultra-low-cost Unmanned Aerial Vehicle for use in developing countries

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