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SFU Report to the Community 08-09
SFU Management
Board of Governors

Standing (Left to Right): Brandt C. Louie, Chancellor | Brian Taylor | Kevin Harding | Michael Francis, Board Chair | Paul Percival | Lynda Brown-Ganzert | Robert Elton | Judy Zaichkowsky | Michael Stevenson, President and Vice-Chancellor; Seated (Left to Right): Daniel U. Pekarsky, Deputy Board Chair | Natalie Bocking | Jeanette McPhee | Peter Dhillon; Members not appearing in the photograph | Nancy McKinstry | Andrew Barton

Board of Governors (2008)

Michael Francis, Board Chair
Daniel Pekarsky, Deputy Board Chair
Brandt Louie, Chancellor
Michael Stevenson, President & Vice-Chancellor
Andrew Barton
Natalie Bocking
Lynda Brown-Ganzert
Peter Dhillon
Robert Elton
Kevin Harding
Nancy McKinstry
Jeanette McPhee
Paul Percival
Brian Taylor
Judy Zaichkowsky

University Senate

  • Alison Beale, Faculty
  • Anton Bezglasnyy, Student
  • Tracy Brennand, Faculty
  • Glenn Chapman, Faculty
  • Christina Chiu, Student
  • Joan Collinge, Dean,
       Continuing Studies
  • Lynn Copeland, Dean,
       Library Services
  • Lesley Cormack, Dean,
       Faculty of Arts/Social Sciences
  • Suzanne de Castell, Dean,
         Faculty of Education
  • Greg Dow, Faculty
  • Jonathan Driver,
         Vice-President, Academic
  • Stephen Easton, Faculty
  • Maureen Fizzell, Faculty
  • June Francis, Faculty
  • Elliott Funt, Student
  • Eli Gibson, Student
  • Ali Godson, Student
  • Farid Golnaraghi, Faculty
  • Robert Gordon, Faculty
  • David Hannah, Faculty
  • Kevin Harding, Student
  • Graham Hiscocks, Student
  • Craig Janes, Faculty
  • Michel Joffres, Faculty
  • Bill Krane, Associate
       Vice-President, Academic
  • Martin Laba, Faculty
  • Shara Lee, Student
  • Michael Letourneau,
  • Daniel Leznoff, Faculty
  • Fiona Li, Student
  • Zi-Nian Li, A/Dean,
       Faculty of Applied Sciences
  • Brandt Louie, Chancellor
  • Alysia MacGrotty, Student
  • James McArthur, Convocation
  • Cristel Moubarek, Student
  • Gordon Myers, Faculty
  • Ada Nadison, Student
  • Cameron Noble, Student
  • John O’Neil, Dean,
        Faculty of Health Sciences
  • Wade Parkhouse, Dean,
        Graduate Studies
  • Ravi Patel, Student
  • David Paterson, Faculty
  • Christopher Pavsek, Faculty
  • Colin Percival, Convocation
  • Paul Percival, Faculty
  • Joseph Peters, Faculty
  • John Pierce, A/Dean,
       Faculty of Environment
  • Mario Pinto,
       Vice-President, Research
  • Michael Plischke, Dean,
       Faculty of Science
  • Natalee Popadiuk, Faculty
  • Peter Ruben, Faculty
  • Robert Russell, Faculty
  • Cenk Sahinalp, Faculty
  • Jamie Scott, Faculty
  • Daniel Shapiro, Dean,
       Business Administration
  • Michael Stevenson,
       President & Vice-Chancellor
  • Steve Thompson, Faculty
  • Evan Tiffany, Faculty
  • Owen Underhill, A/Dean,
  • Dolores van der Wey, Faculty
  • Ron Wakkary, Faculty
  • D’Arcy Warner, Convocation
  • Tony Williams, Faculty
  • Rob Woodbury, Faculty
  • Joseph Zelezny, Student


Michael Stevenson, President & Vice-Chancellor
Jonathan Driver, Provost & VP Academic
Cathy Daminato, VP, Advancement
Pat Hibbitts, VP, Finance & Administration
Judith Osborne, VP, Legal Affairs & University Secretary
Mario Pinto, VP, Research
Warren Gill, VP, University Relations