Eligibility to Hold Research Grants

Under the terms of SFU Policy R 10.01, External Research Grants and Contracts, the University will generally administer research grants and contracts only on behalf of faculty members.

However, in some cases research grants may also be applied for and held by certain categories of non faculty members. For example, in some cases, members of non-academic staff who have been given permission by their supervisor and by the appropriate Vice-President to do research may be permitted to hold external research funds in their own name.

Adjunct Professors appointed under Policy A 12.08, Postdoctoral Fellows appointed under Policy R 50.03, or University Research Associates appointed under Policy R 50.01 may apply for and hold research grants administered by the University on condition that: (i) That their terms of appointment at the time of application span the period of funding; (ii) that they agree to abide by all University Policies and Procedures related to research administration; and (iii) that they will not be paid from the grant on which they intend to be a principal or co-investigator.

Adjunct Professors, Postdoctoral Fellows, and University Research Associates who intend to apply for research grants must sign a statement on the printable PDF form indicated below, which indicates their understanding of and agreement to the above conditions.

The fillable PDFs are designed to be used with Acrobat Reader. Please ensure you download the form to your computer before filling it out.

Updated on Wed, 22 Aug 2018