Legal Compliance

Grants from the Tri-Agency (i.e., SSHRC, NSERC, and CIHR) rarely have legal implications (e.g., intellectual property, indemnity, insurance, publication right, etc.), so SFU policies normally apply to all project activities. Other sources of research funding, including private industry, agencies, and not-for-profit foundations will have their own research agenda, and some will provide funding only if their own legal requirements are met. In this case, SFU enters in a legal agreement with the sponsor.

There is a large suite of different research contracts and agreements used to formalize a sponsor-researcher relationship depending on the scope and expectations. The Types of Agreements section describes the different types of agreements and their implications for your sponsored project. The Agreement Execution section describes the process of agreement negotiation and the roles and responsibilities of PI, Research Services, sponsors and other internal departments involved in the process. The Contracts and Agreements FAQs section presents a list of frequently asked questions.