Develop Your Proposal

Application and proposal requirements vary according to each sponsor’s requirements. Please review and follow all requirements to maximize your chance for success.

The following are three types of submissions.

  • Full Proposal. A full proposal provides an in-depth description of your proposed research, enabling the sponsor to assess the scientific merit and quality of the research. It includes the common components of a research proposal.
  • Letter of Intent. Many sponsors prefer that you send a Letter of Intent (LOI) rather than a full grant proposal in the first stage of the application process. The LOI provides a brief summary of the project that allows the sponsor to quickly assess how well your proposed research fits with their goals and objectives. If there is a good match, they will ask for a full proposal. Most sponsors will not accept full proposals from applicants who did not express intent by the LOI deadline. It is usually at the LOI stage when the Sponsor finalizes their review process based on applications or registrations received.
  • Letter of Support. A Letter of Support usually accompanies a full proposal for grant funds. It provides a compelling and persuasive reason why a sponsor should support your grant application or proposal. A letter of support, especially from high-level individuals or organizations, can make your grant proposal more competitive. If your grant application requires a Letter of Support from the Vice President, Research, please contact the Manager, Institutional Research Support & Analysis well in advance of the agency deadline.