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Acting Presidents' Chronology

Thank you, colleagues for your replies in connection with my initial
message on Acting Presidents

Google has a better memory than I.  Here is what I found on early Acting

J. Ellis June 1, 68 to June 5, 68
A MacPherson, June 5, 68 - July 29, 68
K Strand, Aug. 1, 68 - July 31, 69
L. Srivastava, Aug. 1, 69 to Sept. 8, 69

followed by K. Strand, President, Sept. 8, 69 to Sept 1974.

Gordon Shrum realising that "All the world's a stage", insisted that SFU
have a theatre and it must have been thanks to the inspiration of Nini
Baird that so many of our early colleagues entered the "Acting"
profession albeit for a short time!  I suppose it may be regarded as a
stage in their developments!