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SFURA walk - Fisherman's Trail

The next SFURA walk is the Fisherman’s Trail walk on Wednesday, November 25 at 10:00 AM. David Ryeburn will lead the walk and he rates it as moderate (M).

Directions to the Fisherman’s Trail walk:

From the Upper Levels Highway take Exit 22A to Lillooet Road and head north, past Capilano University, to the end of the portion of the road open to general traffic. Park in the large parking lot to the right. We will meet near the washroom facilities at 10 AM.

Description of the Fisherman’s Trail walk:

The walk begins on the Twin Bridges Trail (really a road) but we soon reach the Homestead Trail, which descends quite steeply almost to the Seymour River. Here we turn north on the Fisherman’s Trail, walking as far as a junction with Spur 4 Bridge to the right and the Hydraulic Connector Trail to the left. If we wish, we can proceed a short distance along the latter trail to the Mid-Valley Viewpoint, a picnic area, and the Butterfly Garden. If the weather is OK, this would be a good place to have an early lunch. The return route is the same, until we get to the steep Homestead Trail. At this point we have a choice -- ascend directly, which is the steeper route, or continue south along the Fisherman’s Trail past a fisheries enhancement area as far as the surviving one of the two Twin Bridges, at which point we ascend the longer but much less steep Twin Bridges Trail. David has done a reconnaissance walk here recently, and will be leading the group on the less steep trail.

A downloadable map is available at

The Fisherman’s Trail is rated moderate, but all portions of the route are relatively easy walking. Runners are OK unless it has become very wet and slippery, and umbrellas will be OK if it is raining. The walk will be about 2 1/2 hours.  

If you have questions, you can contact me at cohn@sfu.ca.