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Interested in lawn bowling?

The Burnaby North Lawn Bowling Club has about 80 members and would be glad to get another handfull.
The 'Green' is in a nice, quiet location with lots of free parking: In Confederation Park, on Penzance Drive, just north of the Burnaby Library (Mc Gill branch). Activities start in May. Open house is on May 8, 1:00 pm - 4:00 pm.
Orientation for new bowlers are throughout May (tel 299 2064 or 298 5817).
Beginners show up (with flat soled shoes or runners if possible), and use the clubs 'bowles', initially for free.
The game is similar to curling, including scoring and duration: A white ball is placed and becomes the target for
the bowles of two teams of 3 players each. The club house is simple, but is well used for social gatherings etc.  
The bowles are heavier on one side, so they do not roll in straight lines - that makes aiming challenging.
Costs: Nothing initially, later rental of bowles costs 50 cents per 2 hr game and players pay $2 for price-money.
After the first month, if you decide to become a member, the annual fee is $125. If yoy buy your own bowles, new ones are expensive($400?); but first find out the size and weight which suits you. The games are played in a friendly spirit.
Members are friendly and sociable, mostly with white hair, a majority of women.
Edgar Pechlaner (tel 604 299 7685)