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SFURA walk - Wednesday, August 18

Rice Lake Walk

The next SFURA walk will be in parts of Lynn Headwaters Park, Lynn Canyon Park, and the Lower Seymour Conservation Reserve on Wednesday, August 18 at 10 AM. The high point of the walk (both for interest and altitude) will be at Rice Lake, in the Conservation Reserve. David Ryeburn will lead the walk. The walk is rated E (Easy), though there is a bit of altitude gain from Lynn Canyon up into the Conservation Reserve.


From the Upper Levels Highway take Exit 19, driving north for a short distance on William Ave. Turn right onto Lynn Valley Road, which heads northeast. (Those who are going westbound on the Upper Levels Highway can instead take Exit 21, Mountain Highway, driving north on it as far as Lynn Valley Highway and then turning northeast on that. This option is unavailable for eastbound travellers on the Upper Levels Highway.) Pass the approach to Lynn Canyon Park on your right. Do not turn left on Dempsey Road but continue on Lynn Valley Road into Lynn Headwaters Park. The final part of your approach to the park is somewhat winding and narrow, so use caution as you approach the 3 parking lots. Drive past what is called the second overflow lot (the southernmost one). Park in what is called the first overflow lot, unless it is full in which case return to the southern one. We will meet in the first overflow parking lot (the northern one) at 10 AM. Another small parking lot at the end of the drivable road is usually full. 


We will take the Varley Trail approach route to Rice Lake, which begins on the west side of Lynn Creek below our parking lot. The trail proceeds south through the woods above Lynn Creek, briefly interrupted by a short stretch along Rice Lake Road, after which it crosses Lynn Creek on a bridge and enters Lynn Canyon Park. We will continue walking south above the east bank of Lynn Creek, passing the 30 foot pool, and passing the Lynn Canyon Park suspension bridge. Just after the suspension bridge a relatively new trail ascends and takes us to the Lower Seymour Conservation Reserve, where we will circumnavigate Rice Lake. After that we will head northwest along the Connector Trail. This continues back into Lynn Headwaters Park and we will arrive at another bridge crossing the creek leading to the northernmost parking lot. Nearby are picnic tables for those who bring their lunch. From here we will walk south a short distance on the Varley Trail, leaving it just below our parking lot at the same point where we entered it at the start of the walk.

The route is suitable for runners and for umbrellas. There are rudimentary washroom facilities near the northernmost parking lot in Lynn Headwaters Park, in Lynn Canyon Park, and near our entrance point into the Lower Seymour Conservation Reserve. Be sure to carry enough water for the walk, especially if it is hot.

A PDF file map can be downloaded at


If you have questions, e-mail David at <david_ryeburn@telus.net>.

*This is a voluntary activity. SFURA assumes no liability for accidents or injuries resulting from the walk.