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SFURA walk - Wednesday, October 6


The next SFURA walk will be at Deer Lake Park on Wednesday, October 6, at 10 AM. David Ryeburn will lead the walk. Although there are a few hills, the walk is quite easy. Runners and umbrellas are OK. Bring your lunch; if the weather is good, we can eat outside after the walk; if not, there are tables inside the Shadbolt Centre, where food may also be purchased.

DRIVING DIRECTIONS: Take Canada Way to Deer Lake Parkway, which is about 700 m east of Douglas Road and about 500 m west of Kensington. Turn south on Deer Lake Parkway and travel a short distance to Deer Lake Avenue. Observe the 30 km/h speed limit as you pass Burnaby Central Secondary School. Turn left (east) on Deer Lake Avenue. Observe the 30 km/h speed limit as you pass the RCMP offices. Park in the large Shadbolt Centre parking lot on the right. We will meet at the west side of the parking lot.


We will walk south, past the Concert and Festival Zone, to the north shore of the lake, and continue clockwise around the lake. Near the western end of the lake we will ascend a moderately steep but good-quality path, and then descend an  adjacent trail a short distance. We will then continue west until we near Royal Oak Avenue, where our route will turn north and descend to a place where the trail crosses under Royal Oak. The trail then goes mainly west to Sussex Avenue, where we will turn around. After we cross back under Royal Oak Avenue, we will head north and then east, bringing us to the northwest corner of the lake; we will then continue back to the parking lot.

Birds and their nests, and other wildlife are often seen along our walk; you may wish to bring binoculars. Rumour has it that at one time recently a bobcat was seen in the park; perhaps luck will be with us.

Maps can be downloaded from



*This is a voluntary activity. SFURA assumes no liability for accidents or injuries resulting from the walk.