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Need help with OCR software

Hi Folks,

In 1979, Ray Bradley and I published a logic text, Possible Worlds: An Introduction to Logic and Its Philosophy.  The text has been out-of-print for a number of years, but would-be readers round the world continue to write to us asking for copies and the like.  I am keen to digitize the book (391+ pages).  In particular, I would like to make the book available, chapter-by-chapter (five files in all) as
searchable PDF.  There are a number of Windows OCR (Optical Character Reader) applications available whose descriptions 'seem' to fit the bill.  But having used OCR software previously, I know that some OCR programs are not nearly as good as their manufacturers allege. 

I have placed a typical page on my SFU website:


Perhaps some of you who own recent OCR software could download the page and try converting it to searchable PDF.  Please email me your results.  All helpful suggestions/advice/help will be most welcome.  MANY thanks!

Norman Swartz, Professor Emeritus
Department of Philosophy
Simon Fraser University
Burnaby, BC
Canada  V5A 1S6
email: swartz@sfu.ca