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Time of the next FP seminar

Hi Folks, 

In the original announcement of the next FP Seminar, I neglected to add the time.  The seminar is scheduled for 12:00 noon on Nov. 23, which I have added on the notice below circulated earlier. 

Sorry for the inconvenience,

Marv Wideen

This is a notice of an Upcoming Financial Planning Seminar. 

Date and Place: Nov. 23 at 12:noon, in Room 8651, Educ. Bldg, Burnaby Campus

Title: Using options as an Investment Strategy.

Presenter: Konrad Colbow

Session Summary: During the last FP Seminar, many felt that understanding the use of options as an money-making strategy should be an important part of our investment knowledge. Konrad Colbow, who has used the options strategy successfully for many years, was seen as an excellent resource for this seminar.  Konrad will start us at the ‘grade one level’ by first taking us through the meaning of terms such as calls options, put options, and other related terms.  Second, he will demonstrate how to access the internet and use options to improve our investment performance.  A power point projector will be used to demonstrate every step along the way.  You are encouraged check out some websites describing stock options to do some advanced reading.  Feel free to bring your laptop to use in the small group session that we will undertake if time permits.  If you have any further suggestions or questions, please contact one of us below. 


Marv Wideen – wideen@sfu.ca (604) 461 0376

Tom O’Shea – oshea@sfu.ca (604) 551 5542

Phillip Mah – pmah@sfu.ca (604) 438 1941