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SFURA walk - Wednesday, March 9

Trans-Canada Trail (behind Capitol Hill)

The next walk is scheduled for Wednesday, March 9, at 10 AM. David Ryeburn will lead the walk. This walk, most of which is on the Trans-Canada Trail behind Capitol Hill, is rated Easy/Moderate; portions are steep and rough, so light-weight hiking boots are recommended and some participants may wish to use walking sticks. Umbrellas will be OK. The walking time (not counting an optional lunch stop) will be under 2.5 hours.


We will meet at the northeast corner of Fell and Hastings, 400 m east of Holdom and 400 m west of Kensington. You can park on Fell just north of Hastings. There are bus stops near the intersection, and a pedestrian traffic light for crossing Hastings.


We will walk east on the north side of Hastings for about 100 m to the start of the trail. The trail—short portions of which are along streets or lanes—works its way to the north side of Capitol Hill, then gains and later loses a bit of altitude. It comes out on Penzance, northwest of Capitol Hill. We will then take a side trail which descends to just above the railroad tracks and the water and then ascends into Confederation Park near the miniature railroad. There are washrooms nearby. We will return along Penzance and then re-ascend to the high point on the trail behind Capitol Hill, where steps leave the trail and climb south to Highfield Drive. We will then walk along Sea Avenue, Dundas Street, and Ellesmere Avenue to the corner of Ellesmere and Hastings, the location of the Capitol Hill Szechuan Restaurant, which is about 500 m west of Fell Avenue. Those not wishing to stop for lunch at the restaurant can continue back to their cars along Hastings, but some of us will have lunch there. A scanned menu is posted at <http://dl.dropbox.com/u/5565238/LunchMenu.jpg>.

If you have questions, e-mail David at <david_ryeburn@telus.net>.

*This is a voluntary activity. SFURA assumes no liability for accidents or injuries resulting from the walk.*