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Reminder: Vancouver Canadians Baseball day

  Socialist's final reminder...we have a band of 9 stalwart baseball fans now signed up for this event.  Any other takers?  Last chance... I have to contact Vanessa at Vancouver Canadians tomorrow to make arrangements for seating. 

  Tom O'Shea

  Hi, all...New social event:   Afternoon baseball game, June 21st, 1:00 pm.

   As a refreshing alternative to opera, concerts, and museums, we offer SFURA members the opportunity to attend a Vancouver Canadians baseball game.  The 2011 season at Nat Bailey stadium opens later this month with a 5-game series against the formidable Yakima Bears (distant relatives of the Boston Bruins).

    The final home game is on Tuesday, June 21st at 1:00 pm

   Rush tickets for seniors cost $10.00 at the gate.  Alternatively, I can book reserved grandstand seats for $12.50 (a better way to keep the group together). The last game we attended was on the same date in 2009, and we attracted 16 members who thoroughly enjoyed the game, and the beer, although the hamburgers left something to be desired. 

  Nat Bailey is a jewel of a ball-park, the players play hard to move into the big leagues, and if the weather is right it can be a glorious day.  Information about the Vancouver Canadians can be found at

   If you would like to attend the game, please let me know by June 17th so I can make seating arrangements. 

Tom O'Shea
Soon to be ex-Socialist
SFU Retirees' Association