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Re: SFURA: sfu pipe band

SFU's Pipe Band performance was OUTSTANDING.

I listened and watched the BBC live feed and my audio was at the threshold of pain.

Superb ! ! !


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SFU placed 2nd, behind Field Marshall Montgomery.  This was annunced about 5 minutes ago.

Cheers, Evelyn

On 2011-08-12, at 2:48 PM, Evelyn Palmer wrote:

> To SFURA members,
> Tomorrow, August 13 is the day of the world pipe band competition in Glasgow, Scotland.
> The SFU News has short notes of the SFU band's activities for the week at:
> http://www.sfu.ca/pamr/media-releases/2011/sfu-pipe-band-world-championships-scotland-2011.html
> 	There are  a few YouTube videos on this web page.
> 	I don't know the schedule. There are 21 Class 1 bands competing.
> The competition begins tomorrow at 9:00 am in Glasgow, 1:00 am here, and it is being televised and is available online by the BBC.
> http://www.theworlds.co.uk/about/latest-news/Pages/BBC-Confirms-Live-Streaming-for-The-Worlds-2011.aspx
> 	and here is a link with to watch it live: http://www.bbc.co.uk/music/worlds/2011/
> Regards, Evelyn