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Reminder-next FP Seminar

This is a reminder of the next Financial Planning Seminar

Date:    Tuesday, October 25, Noon
Place:   Room 8651, Education Building, Burnaby Campus
Topic: Financial Planning During Retirement

This seminar in the Financial Planning series will involve a group of retirees describing their experience with how they have planned their financial resources since retirement and how that plan has worked out for them.  What has been learned from it?  How can it help others?  We will begin the seminar with a short overview the Investment Spectrum shown on the attachment. The various presenters will then describe their financial management experience and relate it to the spectrum.  The session should be of interest to both retirees and working staff and faculty.   

We invite others to add their experiences in planning their finances (five to ten minutes) and relate them to this spectrum.  Please contact us if you would like to contribute to that discussion or have questions to raise.

Marv Wideen – wideen@sfu.ca (604) 461 0376
Tom O’Shea – oshea@sfu.ca (604) 551 5542
Phillip Mah – pmah@sfu.ca (604) 438 1941

All members of the SFU community ae welcome to attend this event; the session is free; no registration is required.s

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