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For those of you who unaccountably fail to follow me on twitter, here is an expansion of a tweet I sent a couple of days ago. On Galiano, I was catching up with Island Tides (www.islandtides.com) over five issues, from Vol. 24, no. 4 to vol. 24 no. 8.  It is very worth while to read all her contributions in those issues.  A recent article in The Walrus calling her Canada's hardest-working MP seems to me well-justified.  She is still working on the dirty tricks that got the widely-despised Gary Lunn four more years before he fell to Eliz. May in the last election (Google Gary Lunn and read about it in Wikipedia - I have drawn attention to this before); she offers by far the best account I have seen of the voter-suppression scandal (robo-calls); and she has interesting things to say about legal (but ethical?) voter-suppression tactics followed by Harper, e.g.calling an election at the least possible legal time (helps to stop debate getting going), calling it for when students are back in school but when they have scarcely had time to change their address, calling it during student mid-terms.   I think these tactics should be brought to the attention of students and I will suggest to my M.P. that she should engage Young Liberals to work on this.  Again, by far the best account I have seen of the voter-suppression scandal.
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