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We’ve talked to a lot of key people in Metro Vancouver about sea level rise in order to come up with a list of the most relevant and inspiring judging criteria. While we can’t include all the suggestions we’ve heard, the criteria below capture many of the issues we need to address in order to adapt and thrive in the context of sea level rise. In addition, our judges have provided a list of tips worth thinking about as you prepare for your pitch on exhibition day.


Judging criteria

Our panel of experts will choose the winning teams based on the following criteria. Directly relating your idea to these criteria is essential to give yourself a chance of taking out the big prizes.

  • Effectiveness: How effective is the idea at enabling Metro Vancouver communities to adapt and thrive?
  • Innovation: How innovative is the idea? Does it use new methods, inspire us to change the way we look at the issue, or offer new and previously unconsidered benefits?
  • Rigour: How well defined are the technical aspects of the idea? Does it appear to be feasible based on the information included in the submission?
  • Social: How well are the needs of a diverse range of community members met?
  • Economic: What are the economic costs and benefits for people and businesses in the region?
  • Environmental: What impacts does the idea have on ecosystem health? Does it support a low carbon future?


Pitching to the judges

Each team will be given at least one 5 minute pitch to impress the judges. Your pitch could be based on a poster, an on-scren presentation, video, a 3D model, or another visual format. See how to submit for more details.

Our judges will see and hear a lot of ideas on the day. Below are some tips to make sure you stand out from the crowd.

  • State the problem. Clearly stating the issue or problem your idea addresses is essential.
  • Be visual. Using images, photography, illustrations, video, simulations, etc. will all help you communicate your idea more effectively.
  • Tell a story. Starting with a high impact opener, weaving an interesting storyline from problem to idea, and finishing off with a compelling statement will help ensure your idea sticks in the judges minds.
  • Use the research. Drawing on facts and figures from the research we’ve curated on sea level rise, as well as any other reputable sources you’ve found, will all help further convince the judges.

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