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The MEANS Procedure

WAYS Statement

Specifies the number of ways to make unique combinations of class variables.

Tip: Use the TYPES statement to specify additional combinations of class variables.
Featured in: Using Preloaded Formats with Class Variables

WAYS list;

Required Arguments

specifies one or more integers that define the number of class variables to combine to form all the unique combinations of class variables. For example, you can specify 2 for all possible pairs and 3 for all possible triples. The list can be specified in the following ways:
m1 m2 ... mn
m TO n <BY increment>
m1,m2, TO m3 <BY increment>, m4
Range: 0 to maximum number of class variables
Example: To create the two way types for the classification variables A, C, and C use
class A B C ;
ways 2;
This is equilavent to specifying a*b, a*c, and b*c in the TYPES statement.
See also: WAYS option

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