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Judith Garay’s The Fine Line – twisted angels ... from A Performer’s Perspective

The SCA's Judith Garay's dance work The Fine Line – twisted angels has been redeveloped / reinvented by Shannon Cuykendall, who is a PhD Candidate at SFU's School of Interactive Arts + Technology, and a diverse team of co-creators into A Performer's Perspective: a SSHRC funded "interactive documentary" website with extensive content drawn from the perspective – indeed also the literal POV – of the dancers performing the work.

Cuykendall and her team describe the project this way:

"We explore ways to transmit a dance performer’s point of view through the creation of an interactive documentary. Using qualitative and quantitative research methods, we gathered a broad spectrum of data to understand the kinesthetic experience of dancers in Judith Garay’s work, The Fine Line – twisted angels. The dancers’ data is presented through various forms and modes of interaction, providing audiences the opportunity to reflect, empathize and understand the choreography through multiple lenses."

If that preliminary description sounds intriguing and already a little complicated, that's because the project is in fact involved and deep. It's well worth exploring the project's whole website, which covers everything from the extensive data collection processes used to more familiar 'behind the scenes' style documentary portraits of the individual dancers. Check it out here: A Performer's Perspective.