Posted on 14 Jul 2017 in

Musebots do it better?

Leading up to the Play Nice: Music by Humans & Intelligent Machines event on Friday, July 28 at the Gold Saucer Studio organized by the Sawdust Collector, Barbara Adler, who's not only a member of Sawdust Collector but also a musician, poet, storyteller, SCA MFA grad, and indeed one of the players for the event (accordion!), has started to blog a little about the show. The first entry presents "5 questions" to "Chief Musebot Evangelist" and SCA professor, Arne Eigenfeldt. Read the whole exchange here. Make sure to come back as Adler has promised other interviews to come. And also don't forget to explore the rest of the site for more info about the Musebots and their designers and the other players and performers for the event. For more information about Musebots and the idea of Musical Metacreation and to hear some musical examples, check out the Musical Metacreation site.