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Annie Therrien Boulos

Dean Lastoria, who's in charge of New Students and Retention for the SCA, touches base with a few recent graduates.

Annie Therrien Boulos will be receiving her BFA in Theatre on Friday, June 9th at the Convocation ceremony on Burnaby Mountain. Annie was in the Theatre Performance Stream and was involved in blackbox, clowning, directing projects, and mainstages, but the most important thing that I saw Annie do was deeply care for the School’s community – from being the Theatre Student Union President to never failing to help a new student. I’m glad she is graduating, of course, but we will miss Annie!

Q: You were active in the Theatre Student Union — Can you talk about how important it is?

A: one of the biggest things that i learned at SFU is that i am the one in charge of making any experience what i want it to be. it's not up to my profs, my peers, my family, the world. it's me who has the power to create the world i want to live in. that's a lot of pressure but it's also exciting. i think that the Theatre Student Union is important in this because it allows students to have more of a say in what their school program looks like, in and out of classes. it builds community, offers support, organizes events, and is there to serve. that's a cool thing to have. it also only runs if you get involved in it and help it run- so, future students, do that.

Q: Clowning — important?

A: very important. stand in front of everyone who matters to you and fail. you'll learn some uncomfortable things. nothing is more helpful.

Q: What’s devising? Any good stories?

A: devising is being in a room with a bunch of people and making some things. The best advice that i was ever given:

1) follow your pleasure.
2) practice deep listening (i'm still working on this one). 
3) just do the weird things and see where it goes.

i have a ton of memories of the various ways we used food in our black box devising projects – from covering each other in cold cuts and other meat products, to pre-chewing trail mix for certain images we wanted to make, to mushing bananas into the wall...

Q: What is next?

A: well, i feel the need to do something completely different, so i'm going to spend some months working on a goat farm in Norway.