Posted on 22 Jun 2017 in

Contemporary Nomads

The SCA's Henry Daniel is developing his ongoing Contemporary Nomads research project into an "evening-length combined installation and live performance," as he describes it, for the coming fall semester. Additionally newsworthy about this event is the participation of guest artists Adam Basanta (Music), Sammy Chien and Shanghan Chien (Media Design), and Alan Storey (Set Design). Adam Basanta, an SCA BFA (composition) grad and visual artist, will also be the SCA Dance area's Iris Garland Visiting Artist in the fall. This 'residencey' is funded by Iris Garland Dance Program Enhancement Fund, which was founded in 2002 in memory of Iris Garland (1935-2002), who was a professor of dance, a choreographer, a dance scholar, and a founding member of the Centre for the Arts, now the School for the Contemporary Arts, at SFU. SCA BFA (film) grad Sammy Chien and his brother Shanghan Chien work together as Chimerik to produce complex video projection installations, most recently for Vancouver's Festival Of Recorded Movement; their work for Contemporary Nomads will be supported by the KRT (Wasitudipuro) Fund. Alan Storey is an active Vancouver-based artist who produces site-responsive interactive works for gallery spaces and site specific public art, such as the ‘Pendulum’ installation in the HSBC Bank on Georgia Street in Vancouver. We'll keep you posted as the project develops.