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Musical Metacreation (MuMe) Workshop

The SCA's Arne Eigenfeldt recently returned from Atlanta, Georgia. He and recent SCA MFA graduate student Paul Paroczai presented a paper on Paul's graduating work, vorbei – a piece of generative music software – at the Musical Metacreation (MuMe) Workshop held at Georgia Tech.

Along with Philippe Pasquier, who is Assistant Professor in the School of Interactive Arts and Technology at SFU, and longtime collaborator Ollie Bown (University of New South Wales), Eigenfeldt was co-chair of the workshop, which aimed to endow machines with creative behaviour. He also was a co-organizor, with Bown, of the MuMe concert, held at the Mammal Gallery in Five Points, Atlanta.

If you'd like to see Eigenfeldt's autonomous music creating 'musebots' in action, he and Paroczai, Matthew Horrigan (SFU MFA Graduate), and Yves Candau (SFU MFA Graduate and current SIAT PhD Candidate) will be participating in Play Nice: Musical Collisions Between Humans & Intelligent Machines on Friday, July 28, at Vancouver's Gold Saucer Studio, presented by Sawdust Collector.

Paul at MuMe workshop

Mammal Gallery exterior

Ollie Bown checking out the Mammal Gallery