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SCA Dance Lab 2017

Back for the second year, the SCA Alumni Dance Lab is happening May 8 to June 16 in the dance and theatre studios at SFU Goldcorp Centre for the Arts. This year we have six alumni dance artists working on original performance works, ranging from multimedia solo dances and dance films to group choreography. This lab is process based, giving emerging dance artists space to develop work, collaborate, and be part of the SCA community of artists.

2017 Projects

Choreography Jenn Edwards
Working Title: Other Creatures
Music: James Coomber
Dancers: Jenn Edwards, Jennifer Aoki, Erin Lequereux, Sam Presley, Cody Cox, Jess Ames

Choreography Helen Wakley
Working Title: JOHN
Performers: Olivia Shaffer, Josh Martin and Helen Wakley, with actor Alex Ferguson
Composer: James Maxwell with Harpist Joy Yeh
Costume/set designer: Natalie Purschwitz
Light designer: James Proudfoot

Choreography Tin Ganboa
Title: Maria Clara- (a dance film project)

Choreography: Farouche Collective (Felicia Lau, Erika Mitsuhashi, Mahaila Patterson-O’Brien)
Title: Lilac
Dancer: Felicia Lau
Choreographer: Mahaila Patterson-O’Brien
Projection + Sound: Erika Mitsuhashi (with mentorship from Remy Siu)

Choreography: Clara Chow
Dancers:  Megan Morrison, Tin Gamboa, Rachel Helten
Choreography: Warehaus Dance Collective: Akeisha de Baat + Megan Hunter
Dancers: Nathan Todd and Akeisha de Baat