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- Dance grad Daisy Thompson returns as guest choreographer

Her piece, As We Rush to Be, will be part of The Fall Collection

SCA presents The Fall Collection this week, opening on Wednesday, November 20 at 8 PM at the Fei & Milton Experimental Theatre. Daisy Thompson graduated this year with a MFA in Dance. She was invited back as a guest choreographer to participate in The Fall Collection.

We talked to Daisy about recent projects and her return to SCA.

What have you been working on since graduating?

I finished at the end of this September, and have actually been quite busy. I have been collaborating with filmmaker Rheanna Toy, in the making of a short trailer of my last piece, Re-marks on Source Material, as well as preparing for an installation that I made called Play Role for the Art for !mpact event in December. I am also co-authoring a paper with University of Victoria professor Dr. Rita Dharmoon as part of Project Barca led by SFU professor Dr. Henry Daniel.

The piece you have choreographed, As We Rush to Be, what was your inspiration?

We began with discussing ideas of frustration, and how this manifests in the body and explored these ideas through task-based exercises. I originally envisaged the piece to be more of a chance for the dancers to really shout, be heard, get things off their chest, so to speak. I think it became more meditative and actually more pent up with still a good few stages before a frustrated explosion.

How has it been returning to work with the students as a guest choreographer?

It has been fantastic, and I really appreciate the opportunity. It's my first time working with so many dancers. With the short time limit I have had to negotiate with my preferred or usual modes of process, it pushes and develops me as an emerging choreographer, and I hope to continue this in many contexts.

What advice do you give students currently at school?

I use the word excavate a lot... to continuously dig deeper in to their bodies and experience. Also, I try to encourage them to be good artists and not good students... there is difference!

What are the next projects that you are working on?

I have plans for a couple of new pieces next year as well as continuing with Re-marks on Source Material, but the next most exciting big project for me and my husband is becoming a parent... and I can't wait.

More info on The Fall Collection


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- Sophie Jarvis selected for the enRoute Air Canada Film Festival

Received Achievement in Direction Award in ceremony this week

Her SCA grad film, The Worst Day Ever, was one of sixteen short films selected for the festival.

Sophie Jarvis' grad film, The Worst Day Ever, was one of sixteen short films selected for the enRoute Air Canada Film Festival. Each film plays for a month on all Air Canada flights. Sophie's film will be screening this month.



As a finalist, the festival arranged for Sophie to travel to both Montreal and Toronto to attend screenings and the awards ceremony this week, where her film won the award for Achievement in Direction, with recognition from the Directors Guild of Canada. Sophie will also get to check out  to the Sundance Film Festival in January with an all-inclusive trip from Air Canada.

Sophie graduated from Simon Fraser University in 2012 with a BFA in Film. The Worst Day Ever is her final student film. She is currently writing and developing her next project.


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- Film grad Kelvin Redvers takes home Jack Webster Award

Honoured for his work on CTV's First Story

Photo: Kelvin Redvers and Pieter Romer (Senior Producer, CTV’s First Story), Jack Webster Award Ceremony, October 30, 2013

SFU SCA Film grad, Kelvin Redvers, won a Jack Webster BC Journalism Award, in the Best TV Feature Award category at this year’s ceremony held on October 30. The award was received for an episode he produced for First Story, CTV BC’s aboriginal current affairs program. The episode, A Home for Edgar, examined homelessness versus social housing from a cost/benefit perspective.

Kelvin graduated from SCA with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Film and joined the team at CTV as a producer. This is his second Jack Webster Award, celebrating excellence in BC journalism.

In addition to producing for CTV, Kelvin has continued working on his own narrative projects. Last year, his short, The Dancing Cop, premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival. Redvers is also working on his next short, Rattlesnake, which he funded through crowdsourcing on Indiegogo.

All the best for your upcoming projects Kelvin!