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- Twelve is a diverse showcase of SFU talent

The production features 12 works by student dancers and choreographers

by Clara Chow, The Peak, February 23

Twelve is an SFU dance production featuring 12 student-choreographed pieces from different styles of contemporary dance.

It is a wonderful opportunity for students to showcase their talents in choreography and performance, and to give dancers a platform to participate in a well-produced program.  

The choreographers were also given the unique chance to work with lighting designers. Students from every year of the dance program are participating in the show, either as a choreographer, performer, or both.


“The program provides a scope of talent at SFU, from graduating students to first years,” according to Kayla DeVos, one of the artistic directors for the show. “The show will be a comprehensive sample of the work SFU students are producing.”

From solos to duets and large group pieces to video projections, finding an underlying theme for the show is challenging. Each piece is diverse in style, origin, and process. 

A number of pieces were developed through classwork, stemming from the creation of movements that contrasted the dancers’ natural tendencies. “They needed to find something that is outside of their comfort zone and to think outside the box,” said stage manager Wilson Terng.

Other pieces were developed independently. Artistic director Desi Rekrut noted that some students drew from outside sources, while others searched inward for inspiration.

Development of the production began at the end of the fall semester last year, when students presented their pieces in auditions. The submissions were then selected by a panel of judges. The students have put tremendous amounts of hard work into each of the pieces, Treng noted.  Some have been rehearsing and refining their piece for months.

One of the two video projections featured in the show will be a summary of the students’ experiences within another culture; they explored the outer extremities of the human body as they reflected on the similarities found in diversity. Another piece experiments with the connection between light and sound, and their relationship with movement and space. 

“I personally have a preference towards group pieces. It’s just interesting to see the synchronization and then the whole group movement [where] everyone is all in sync and moving as one,” Treng said. “It’s quite elegant, I find.”

As Rekrut pointed out, the pieces “are all so different — it’ll be more of an experience.”

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- Chutzpah! is happening

Dance, theatre, music and more

Kafka and Son, photo by Cylla von Tiedemann

We're busy with our spring offerings of school shows, but there's also lots of exciting arts events happening in Vancouver, including the Chutzpah! Festival, with some student budget-friendly ticket prices. 

Here's some more info on just three productions in the line-up with contemporary dance group BODYTRAFFIC, revolutionary singer-songwriter Daniel Kahn & The Painted Bird, and the theatre performance Kafka and Son.

Here's a few festival highlights to check out:

Kafka and Son
March 2 at 8PM
Norman & Annette Rothstein Theatre
Student Tickets: $20

Director, producer, and performer Alon Nashman presents the award-winning play, Kafka and Son at the 2015 Chutzpah! Festival - an expressionistic one-man performance about a timid son, an overbearing father, and a 50-page letter. It follows the story of Franz Kafka who, after a lifetime of being ruled by his imperious father, writes a letter expressing his hidden feelings of discontent. Through this therapeutic process, Kafka discovers and learns about himself. Easily transitioning between the two characters–father and son–Nashman articulates the emotion in Kafka’s writing so effortlessly that, as The Globe and Mail says, “you almost forget this is the same performer, more or less at the same moment.”


March 5-8
Norman & Annette Rothstein Theatre
Student Tickets: $20

At the forefront of the Los Angeles Dance scene, BODYTRAFFIC – a hot, young, and internationally-acclaimed contemporary dance company – returns to Vancouver for the 2015 Chutzpah! Festival. Presenting a fresh, hard-hitting series of new work, BODYTRAFFIC will ‘wow’ the Vancouver dance scene with Canadian premieres from renowned choreographers Victor Quijada, Kyle Abraham, and Joshua L. Peugh, plus a new work from returning Chutzpah! favourite Richard Siegal. Hailed by the Los Angeles Times as “fresh and skilful and excellent,” this superfast and supremely skilled contemporary dance company is one Chutzpah! performance you won’t want to miss!


Daniel Kahn & The Painted Bird
Friday, March 6 at 8pm
Electric Owl
Student Tickets: $25

Join Detroit-born, Berlin-based singer/songwriter, poet, and activist Daniel Kahn through a journey of furious, tender, electrifying, and revolutionary music with Daniel Kahn & The Painted Bird – an ensemble with a unique musical blend of Klezmer, radical Yiddish, political cabaret, and punk folk. Having performed for audiences around the world, from Berlin to Boston and Leningrad to Louisiana, this ground-breaking group breaks taboos through music by recounting outrageous incidents – poetically dark, tragically humorous, and wondrously politically incorrect. Says the Rolling Stone, “accordion charged with punkrock… the free-spirited attitude of the New York Tzadik circle, cabaret flair, and scraps of Tom Waits.”


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- World Premiere @ Winnipeg’s Real to Reel Film Festival

Congrats to Corbin Saleken and a SCA-heavy team of students and grads

UPDATE: Not only did Patterson's Wager have two packed screenings but went on to win the award for Best Independent Narrative Feature and a coveted audience-choice award! Congrats to Corbin.

This weekend, Corbin Saleken will be at the Real to Reel Film Festival to screen his debut feature Patterson’s Wager

Patterson's Wager was shot in 12 days, with 19 locations, and stars Fred Ewanuick, telling the story of a man who discovers that he has the unpredictable ability to see two minutes into the future.

All the best Corbin for your world premiere!

Corbin enlisted a team of SCA film alumni and current students both on camera and behind-the-scenes. 

Nelson Talbot and Graham Talbot who have had recent success with the Superbowl ad contest were co-directors of photography. Nataliya Fedulova lent a hand as costume designer and Mackenzie Warner took on production manager duties. Natasha Wehn and Hayley Gauvin were Corbin's first assistant directors.

Current students, Carly Southern and Katrina Tadros were production assistant roles and Cole Northey was a grip/lamp operator.

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- In memory of Grant Strate, 1927-2015

We mourn the passing of a friend.

The dance world has lost an innovative artist.

Grant Strate was a charter member of and early choreographer for The National Ballet of Canada. He created more than fifty choreographic works that have been performed on stages around the world. In 1971, he founded the Dance Department at York University. A decade later, he became the director of the Centre for the Arts, the precursor to the School for the Contemporary Arts at Simon Fraser University and was responsible for many of the innovations that the School continues to build upon to this day. He organized the National Choreographic Seminars and was the founding chair of both the Dance in Canada Association and the Vancouver Dance Centre. In 1999, Strate was elected the President of the World Dance Alliance - Americas. He was made  member of the Order of Canada in 1994 and was the recipient of an honorary Doctorate from SFU in 1999.

Grant was a passionate champion of the arts in B.C. and in Canada more broadly, and his feisty nature will be fondly remembered. He once challenged his board colleagues on the BC Arts Board (predecessor to the current BC Arts Council) to decide whether they were “guardians of the public purse or advocates for the arts.”

His friendship, spirit, and exemplary leadership in advocating for the arts will be truly missed.

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- A home-grown Super Bowl victory

SCA grads ad airs at the big game

We're thrilled to congratulate Graham and Nelson Talbott who spent last weekend in Arizona, not only watching the Super Bowl live, but seeing the ad they created as it was broadcast live to 100 million viewers! 

The brothers graduated from the SCA film production program in 2011 and have produced commercials and worked on feature films since leaving the school. 


Read more in The Vancouver Sun