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Posted on 15 Feb 2016 in

- Collaboration is key

Black Box 2016 series

This week marks the start of a four week marathon of performances, otherwise know as our annual Black Box series. The collaborators and crew are busy working on the final touches for the first shows that open Thursday and Friday this week. A few of the collaborators took some time out to let us know their impresssion so far and what to expect from this year's series. 

The team after experimenting with a new material, corn starch

"Black Box ensemble extracts risks from it's collaborators under precious pressure. Like being gifted puzzle pieces from the ensemble, tweaking and investigating the colour and shape in order to create a functional puzzle. These are in no way polished pieces, but humble offers of theatre. Love letters of art, from us to you." - Alexa Fraser, director

"Black Box is a lush process that provides a surplus of learning and knowledge that strengthens not just your artistry, but your overall being. It is a creative process that provides a quality of nourishment that one can barely explain with words; one needs to experience it." - Matthew Winter, collaborator 

"Being involved in the Black Box process is odd and rewarding, it's a process I've never been a part of before while still being really immersive from a technical theatre standpoint. The ensemble values us as collaborators, but is also really willing to learn about things like lighting and sound through the process. It's really incredible to see dancers and performers and production students all working on the same process and each person bringing their share of what they know to the shows. I've been a part of many shows at SFU and other theatres and working on these four shows is unlike any I've ever experienced. It makes for an exhausting semester working 12 hour days constantly but it's worth it because I've learned so much while also contributing so much and I feel so lucky to be a part of it all." - Celeste English, lighting & props design 

"The black box experience has been very different from previous shows I've worked on. It has been so much more collaborative, and has given the design team a better understanding of the actors process and vice versa. I've learnt so much from the process of attending rehearsals and participating in the actors assignments, as well as learning how to design for a show. Having four directors with four very different show ideas makes it even more diverse and interesting work. The long hours and days put in have been worth it, seeing the incredible works that have been created through divising, using skills from actors and designers working together. - Gillian Hanemayer, lighting & set design