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Artist Talk: Jacqueline Hoàng Nguyen

SCA Audain Visual Artist in Residence, Spring 2017

Jacqueline Hoàng Nguyen

SCA Audain Visual Artist in Residence, Spring 2017


Simon Fraser University’s School for the Contemporary Arts (SCA) is pleased to welcome Jacqueline Hoang Nguyen as the SCA’s 2017 spring Audain Visual Artist in Residence. Nguyen is a research-based artist currently living and working in Stockholm (Sweden). She uses a broad range of media while primarily relying on archival material to investigate issues of historicity, collectivity, utopian politics, and multiculturalism within the framework of feminist theories.

Together with the third-year visual art students, Jacqueline Hoàng Nguyen will develop counter-archives of vernacular images and micro-histories. The artist proposes theoretical and aesthetic reflections on the significance of the archive and its aporias. The aim of the workshops is to investigate the function of the archive and how it can be built from the bottom up to counter the conventional historical narratives of settler colonialism. In contrast to given, state-constructed narratives, the everyday migrants’ or aboriginals' story is disordered, uneven, and complicated. Various archival modalities will be experimented with including unorthodox approaches to classification, contested notions and forms of representations of citizenship, and knowledge production. Within the context of the classroom, Nguyen hopes to tease out the role of the artist as an activist archivist, which theorist Mark Wigley describes as “one who designs an archive whose purpose is to polemically rearrange the standard perception of the worlds outside [...] to change the direction of thinking.” The students’ work with the Audain Visual Artist in Residence will culminate in a project exhibited at Simon Fraser University’s Audain Gallery in March 2017.

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