Posted on 09 May 2014 in Visual Arts

Dropping Out

Recent works by Lindsey Adams, Gabrielle Hill and Alex Stursberg. Curated by Curtis Grahauer.

Presented by SFU SCA

Curated by Curtis Grahauer

Recent works by Lindsey Adams, Gabrielle Hill and Alex Stursberg 
SCA Office
April 24, 2014

This exhibition features three recent graduates of the SFU Visual Arts program, whose respective practices each make use of the material qualities of craft and folk art to represent displacement and recontextualization, as well as to show the artist as itinerant worker. Leaning against the wall, Lindsey Adam’s bindles act both as paintings and as sculptures, forming purposefully constructed and aestheticized artifacts of placelessness. Gabrielle Hill's piles of dyed found shells recall Coast Salish middens, locating the space of the office on Indigenous land. Alex Stursberg creates flags, banners and pennants from sewn-together, soiled studio clothes and discarded textiles to make a direct reference to the relationship between art and labour. Normally used as a term referring to the failure to obtain an institutional education, Dropping Out is an exhibition that speaks to the disillusionment of these three artists toward a larger cultural system.