Posted on 16 Apr 2015 in Dance

Humble Violet

Fall 2014 Dance Mainstage

Choreographer: Katie DeVries


Choreographer: Katie DeVries
Music Design: Katie DeVries with tracks by Elena Langer and Polmo Polpo
Lighting Designer: Barry Hegland
Rehearsal Assistants: Marla Eist, Michael Kong, and Kim Stevenson 
Costume Coordinator: Brianne Puffer

Performers: Vivian Chong, Clara Chow, David Clennin, Chelsea DesLauriers, Kayla DeVos, Anna Dueck, Larissa Duff-Grant, Isabella Flores, Megan Friesen, Alison Fudger, Jenna Kraychy, Leigh Machnee, Betty Meng, Megan Morrison, Mahaila Patterson O’Brien, Eowynn Penny, Danilo Valle, Alisa Vink