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2015 Fall Dance Mainstage

The SCA fall 2015 dance repertory production Nostos was a full evening collaboration between choreographers, a writer, live musicians and designers. The inspiration for the work was Nostagia - a term coined in 1688 by a Swiss doctor as a condition of loosing touch with the present.

Choreographers Peter Bingham, Shauna Elton, Rob Kitsos and Lesley Telford teamed up with songwriter and musician Barbara Adler and the Vancouver band the Pugs and Crows along with a large cast of dancers and designers from the School for the Contemporary Arts.  

Videos by Lily Cryan and photos by Paula Viitanen

Cast: Amanda Damaren, Juanita Lai, Melissa Panetta, Alisa Vink, Anna Dueck, Marc Arboleda, Jenna Lee Hay, Rachel Helten, Danilo Valle, Jenna Kraychy, Gordon Havelaar, Eowynn Penny-Huguet, Jared Mcdonald, Meghan Morrison, Phoebe Yin, Chelsea Deslauriers, Kayla Devos, Samantha Green, Katherine Vincent, Shion Carter, Anya Saugstad, Nyssa Song, Shanelle Horobec, Sydney Dumore, Caitlin McKinnon, Kristina Villanueva, Annabelle Wong, Emily Loski, Danielle Sagris, Samantha Penner

Understudies: Samantha Presley, Katheryn Hives, Kaia Shukin, Brittany Angus