Posted on 11 Jul 2016 in DanceFilm


A short film by SCA film major Thea Loo about Nostos, the 2015 fall dance repertory production

This film was created by film major Thea Loo. The film is based on the SCA 2015 fall dance repertory production Nostos – a full evening collaboration between choreographers, a writer, live musicians and designers. Loo's film appropriates the original performance footage of the dance production. The film also follows the theme of memory, reflexively incorporating the production's innate sense of nostalgia to explore the breakdown of memory enacted by the performance space in which the production took place. The inspiration for the live work is Nostalgia – a term coined in 1688 by a Swiss doctor as a condition of loosing touch with the present. Choreographers Peter Bingham, Shauna Elton, Rob Kitsos and Lesley Telford teamed up with songwriter and musician Barbara Adler and the Vancouver band the Pugs and Crows, along with a large cast of dancers and designers from the school, to realize the project. More information and media is available here.