Posted on 28 Sep 2015 in Dance

Saudade Preview

Saudade is a new interdisciplinary performance project by choreographer Rob Kitsos.

Rob Kitsos

The work is based on the films Blade Runner and Wings of Desire

Media Design by Remy Siu, Sean Shin and Sepehr Samimi. Music by Nancy Tam. Text by Daniel O’Shea. Dramaturgy by DD Kugler.

Saudade is a full evening interdisciplinary performance inspired by the post-war Berlin in Wim Wenders’ Wings of Desire (1987) and the futuristic dystopia of Ridley Scott’s Blade Runner (1982). Both films investigate – through textures, sprawling landscapes, duration of light – a timeless longing. The replicants in Blade Runner long for more life as they approach finite expiration; the angels in Wings of Desire long for the finite and vulnerable experience of living.

Using these films as primary sources, we developed material over three stages of research involving movement, text, sound, images, and movable screens. The result is an interdisciplinary collage of longing for human experience – Saudade.