What is the Internship in Contemporary Arts?

The School for the Contemporary Arts is seeking to partner with arts-focused organizations who are committed to engaging and mentoring emerging artists currently studying at the undergraduate and graduate level at the School in diverse and interdisciplinary practices by offering part-time, unpaid hands-on learning opportunities.

Our students have skills in community engagement, curating, event planning, outreach, research, social media, stage management, and production, teaching, video editing, website development, writing and much more. Internships are 8-12 hours per week for a minimum of 120 hours and typically run the duration of a 4-month semester, depending on the needs of the organization and the availability of the student. 

Why work with a Contemporary Arts student intern?

- You will gain a skilled and motivated student to support or enhance your organization’s work

- Interns can provide support for special projects, festival, event or day-to-day operations of the organization by taking on a specific role

- A student can bring fresh ideas, new perspectives, and knowledge of recent trends, research and technology

What is required of a Community Partner?

- Offer an internship position that serves the needs of the organization as well as provides a rich learning experience for students
- A willingness to assign a supervisor to work with the student to meet their learning objectives
- Participate in a mid-way point site visit and a final evaluation of the student’s experience
- A desire to cultivate the student’s curiosity outside the classroom

Time Lines

The internship is offered to students every semester: Spring (Jan-Apr), Summer (May-Aug) and Fall (Sept-Dec). In order for students to apply to internship opportunities, ideally job descriptions need to be posted a minimum of one month prior to the start of the semester in which the internship will be offered.

How do I hire an Intern

1. Contact Contemporary Arts PD Coordinator to discuss the needs of your organization and potential opportunities for interns.

2. Complete the internship posting online form to provide details for the position.

3. PD Coordinator will send you all student applications after the application deadline.

4. We ask you to review applications, contact students directly to set up and conduct interviews within two weeks of the application deadline.

5. Once the interviews are complete, you can make the offer to your preferred candidate and please inform the PD Coordinator of your selection.

6. Assist the student in the completion of the required course enrollment form

Participating Organizations

The SFU School of Contemporary Arts would like to recognize the following arts and cultural organizations for their generosity and commitment to offering invaluable mentorship, fostering the growth of emerging artists, and creating an engaged and supportive arts community.

221A | Website
Access Gallery | Website
Arcana Studio | Website
Art Song Lab | Website
Arts Club Theatre Company | Website
Arts Umbrella | Website
Artspeak | Website
ArtStarts | Website
Arts Vista | Website
Audain Gallery | Website
Axis Theatre | Website
Ballet BC | Website
Bard on the Beach | Website
Burnaby Art Gallery | Website
Graeme Berglund | Website
Boca del Lupo | Website
Burrard Art Foundation | Website
Canadian Music Centre | Website
Capture Photography Festival | Website
Catriona Jeffries Gallery | Website
Centre A | Website
Justine A. Chambers | Website
The Cinematheque | Website
Cineworks | Website
Carolyn Combs | Website
Connekt Expo | Website
Contemporary Art Gallery | Website
Blake Corbet Production | Website
Creative City Network | Website
The Cultch | Website
The Dance Centre | Website
The Dance Current | Website
Dance International Magazine | Website
Dancing on the Edge | Website
Decoy Magazine | Website
Dezza Dance | Website
Do604 | Website
Fall for Dance North | Website
Farm Boy Fine Arts | Website
Gateway Theatre | Website
Indian Summer Festival | Website
Jamie Smith Studio | Website
Karen Jamieson Dance | Website
Kokoro Dance | Website
Mascall Dance | Website
The Medici Group | Website
Music on Main | Website
The Only Animal | Website
PAARC | Website
Pi Theatre | Website
Pink Buffalo Films | Website
Plastic Orchid Factory | Website
Playwrights Theatre Centre | Website
Project Limelight | Website
Project Soul | Website
Publication Studios Vancouver | Website
PuSh Festival | Website
Natalie Purschwitz | Website
Queer Arts Festival | Website
Raven Spirit Dance Society | Website
Redshift Music Society | Website
Reel 2 Reel | Website
REEL Causes | Website
Rennie Collection | Website
Richmond Art Gallery | Website
Satellite Gallery | Website
Second Sons Production | Website
Sepia Films | Website
SFU Gallery | Website
SIAT | Website
Solo Collective | Website
Tara Cheyenne Performance | Website
Theatre Replacement | Website
Theatre Terriffic | Website
Theatre Under the Stars | Website
Touchstone Theatre | Website
Turning Point Ensemble | Website
Twin Engine Films | Website
UNIT/PITT | Website
Upintheair Theatre | Website
Vancity Office of Community Engagement | Website
Vancouver Biennale | Website
Vancouver International Dance Festival | Website
Vancouver International Film Festival | Website
Vancouver Opera | Website
VIVO | Website
Neil Wedman | Website
Western Front | Website
Women in Film and Television | Website

Staff Profile

Alumni Reflections

"I would recommend this placement to every single student as it will provide real-world experience which can be hard to find in any university. It could also lead to real-world employment as they will meet many people who are already working in their field of interest." - Caitlin Inkster, music major / Project Limelight